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About Us

Founded in September 2000

The U.S Minority Chamber of Commerce (U.S MCC)

The Business Hub for Entrepreneurship, job creation, income empowerment and poverty reduction in low-income economies through the innovation of the U.S Technology, International Cooperation and Global Corporate Education.

About us

Everything we do at the United States Minority Chamber of Commerce aims to promote international trade and investment as vehicles for inclusive growth and prosperity through diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Founded in September 2000, The U.S Minority Chamber of Commerce (U.S MCC), with more than 35,000 members and partners in U.S, and Latin America with headquarters in Miami-Washington DC and Los Angeles, Puerto Rico, and international hubs in Colombia, Ecuador, Honduras, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala and Haiti.

The U.S MCC is a recognized as a business hub in economic, education and entrepreneurship development which includes trade, conferences, international contracting, export goods and labor, and  other important assistance for minority business owns in U.S.

The Chamber is one of the country’s largest, strongest diversity, multicultural and demographic chamber. We are advocates, catalysts and partners, and recognizes that in order to produce high-quality research that informs innovative, practical policy recommendations, we need to ensure that our personnel represent a diversity of thought, experience and personal background. The Chamber’s vision is diversity within the workforce enhances the relevance and substance of our work, and also helps us adhere more closely to our guiding principles of quality, independence and impact.

Our goals include: Advocating for a strong U.S. Minority business climate and member businesses. Creating opportunities for business connections and member visibility. Pursuing investment and international cooperation for the region. Strengthening leaders and the community to create equal opportunities for all.


The U.S. Minority Chamber of Commerce has 7 offices in Latin America and the Caribbean includes partnership with dozen of independent business organization, economic development centers in 200 municipalities in Colombia, Honduras, Haiti, Puerto Rico, Dominica Republic, Guatemala and El Salvador.

We are expecting to open “Ventana Unica” next April 30, 2022. Ventana Unica will be a digital platform to facilitate farmers to export to U.S. fruits and vegetables directly to more than 7 millions of U.S. Minority firms without brokers of distributors.

The Chamber’s 10 bilateral business HUB work to advance commercial and investment relations between the United States and key markets around the Latin America and the Caribbean, including Colombia, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Honduras, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Brazil, Israel, Puerto Rico and Spain.
Our Call Center located in Colombia, Honduras and Dominican Republic assist members only to find customers, partners, talents, suppliers and government relations, we are like a diplomat center to facility entrance and connectivity with due diligence to develop the free market practices and democratic institutions they need to succeed in the global economy.

The U.S. Chamber’s International Policy Committee (IPC) develops our policy positions relating to international trade, international cooperation and investment and makes recommendations to the Chamber’s board of directors.


  1. Unparalleled advocacy on member issues in Washington and abroad
  2. Customized business development and high-level government relations support
  3. Access to heads of state and government and other senior foreign and U.S. officials
  4. Regular updates on trade and investment developments globally

We continue to ensure the facts about our organization, and the positions our members care about, prevail defending our conservative values, goals and vision to promote the powerful sector of the United States.

What are the benefits of the U.S.MCC membership?

  • World Class Events including Digital Education for Entrepreneurship.
  • Business Development in favor to your industry
  • Advocacy/Government Relations local , national and international
  • Community Outreach Entrepreneurship Programs
  • Minority Certification Guidance
  • Internet Exposure
  • Seminars/Business Literacy Programs
  • Member Benefits and Discount Programs and other resources available
  • Web directory listing
  • Database of the elite in America
  • Job bank listing for any position to labor in your company
  • Hyperlink to your company website
  • Company logo display
  • Use of our Operators at the Call Center of the Chamber

What We Do

Since our founding, has advocated to promote and connect with elite business leaders in America, including through our centers in the region with a mission to grow our economy. The U.S. MCC has been building on a strong legacy of trust and track record of success, we help today’s minority firms start, grow, and thrive in a complex and constantly changing macro environment.

Together, we accomplish so much more than any one person or business can accomplish alone. One of our pillars in principle and practice, we believe in the power of disadvantage businesses, equity, and inclusive. Without diversity and inclusion, we limit our talent, resources, and the minority business opportunities  necessary  to thrive in an increasingly competitive national or international marketplace.

In efforts to better serve and represent our membership, the Chamber is committed to actively seeking a diverse, equitable/inclusive board, workforce, membership, business environment, and community. We support these values through our polices, practices, membership services and community engagement in preparing communities for innovation, economic development, entrepreneurship education, public-private relationship.

Today, the U.S. MCC is actively facilitating collaborative projects with all Latin American & the Caribbean in different fields with key leaders, municipalities, and businesses to foster stronger and deeper relationships betterment of our membership.
U.S. MCC is routinely ranked among the nation’s chamber-friendly promoting the business spirit of the United States and open -access institutions through entrepreneurship covering a wide range of topics, delivered to our members and partners. The U.S.MCC offers regional workshops on a variety of topics.

Our Commitment

To build trust and to contribute to the economy of the U.S. Minority by sustaining a continuous, curated, and informal dialogue within our portfolio of online conferences: Leading-edge virtual conversation such as BIG Ideas and Transforming Local businesses Workshop, the challenge conventional thinking in the Digital Era , and Inspire Change of a New Economic Development: Organizing a 501 c 3 organization , The Investment Conference for Private-Public Partnership.
The U.S. MCC National Academy and the Program Entrepreneurship Virtual programs bring transformational resources to new generations of leaders with a mission to reduced poverty among your  people.
We have (10) virtual educational conferences every month with a mission to delivers virtual learning in language course like “ Spanish commercial”, “social media analyst” , “business intelligence” , Technical in Procurement, How to Import to the United States - Doing business with multilateral agencies - The Entrepreneurship visa for foreign businesses, how to relocate to the United States, Starting a business in the Food Industry – Registration as a Vendor to the United States Government and other development.
Our Goals: As a commitment in our policy; we cannot continue to pursue a global order that disregards America’s prosperity and the well-being of our citizens. The U.S. MCC believes in the benefits of free trade, and it is committed to robust trade relationships with other nations that value fairness and reciprocity.

As a national entrepreneurship organization fostering business partnerships between the Federal Government its prime contractors, and our large database of membership from the small, minority, service-disabled veteran-owned, and women-owned businesses with services including technical assistance, post-disaster recovery assistance, trade adjustment support, strategic planning and research and evaluation capacity, thereby allowing the  agency to offer the most effective support to help communities succeed in the  economy of the U.S. minority firms.

Has more than 32,000 members in U.S and Latin America with headquarters in Miami- Washington DC and operation centers in New York, Los Angeles and Puerto Rico, and international hubs in Colombia, Honduras, Dominican Republic and recently Mexico.

The U.S MCC is a recognized national as a business hub in economic, education and entrepreneurship development which includes trade, conferences, contracting and certification to deal with procurement development with federal government, multilateral agencies, philanthropic organizations, and fortune 1000 companies.

  • Business hub in economic
  • Education
  • Entrepreneurship development
  • Trade
  • Conferences
  • Contracting
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The Business Hub for Entrepreneurship, job creation, income empowerment and poverty reduction in low-income economies through the innovation of the U.S Technology, International Cooperation and Global Corporate Education.

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