108 Authors Write In A Book Together…

108 Authors Write In

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Corey bLU Talks

Just a year ago, Multiple-Time TEDx Speaker, and International Bestselling Author, Corey Poirier, decided the world needed a new branded series – his students were telling him as much.

Months later, bLU Talks was born. Described as a mix between Chicken Soup for the Soul, Goalcast, and MindValley, bLU Talks books have taken life’s stage by storm, even appearing on-site at Harvard University. The series has also become a virtual event viewed more than 100,000 times, becoming a top-rated podcast, a branded series you can watch on YouTube and other platforms, and a bestselling book series.

And now, with the release of 3 books in the bLU Talks series, 108 co-authors can say they are each co-author of a # 1 International Bestselling Book.

“I am so proud of the authors of these books. They have truly shared their stories so openly. Their stories are Raw, Inspiring, educational, and at times – all three.” notes Poirier. “These are stories with an ability to transform lives. Many writers are first-time authors, and some (virtually) shared a happy dance when the book hit the charts. The impact these stories will have in changing lives and, the whole thing of getting together people from all walks of life willing to share their stories is mind-blowing.”

To say the stories in these three books are raw, and require vulnerability, is perhaps an understatement. From Infertility, to becoming a millionaire while working in a bathrobe; from transforming from a devout Atheist to an unwavering believer; from battles with Postpartum depression to battles with addictions; from weight loss battles to the new #him2 movement; it seems no topic is out of reach.

The only thing more notable than the challenges each author faced during their journey is the positive transformation each experienced and shares in the books.

Readers can go from crying to laughing to nodding their heads in understanding while moving from story to story.

“As long as we’re impacting lives, I’m happy.” Added Poirier.

You can learn more about bLU Talks, watch the talks from links at www.blutalks.com and you can grab your copies of the books under the book link on the website.

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