12 Ways We May End Covid And Other Pandemic

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4/17 Washington post reports government funds for improving viral transmissions and lethal effects; true news trumping that, is a quantum leap in improving human immunity, as foreseen by Bruce Lipton, Stanford’s biologist and noetic.org, that’s now market ready.

Manna molecules, half the size of a covid virus and the ever-new mutations, outsmart even Ebola and drug resistant tuberculosis, according to reports by India’s best covid hospital, federal government level three and four labs in Fort Detrick Maryland and Utah State University, where virologists report nano molecules are 6,000 times more effective than remdesivir vaccine, the first FDA approved covid drug.

We know of no vaccine that awakens more antibodies and all cells immunity, like this, that could most effectively seed awaken the full health potential of each cell, not to treat or prevent any illness per se. Yale epidemiologist, Gregg Gonsolves says 66% of virologists surveyed in 28 countries, say covid mutations will make vaccines ineffective in one year.

  1. The website Impeccablevitality.com. 1 bottle is donated for one sold when purchased by globalone.org affiliates, from zenergy.com.

NASA files disclosed, out of 50,000 lipid molecule combinations, one gave the first living cell super immunity two billion years ago. Former Novartis and Max Planck Institute chief scientist, organic chemist PhD, found and stabilized the primordial molecules, nanosizing them to 48 nanometers.

As viruses evolve virtually overnight, relentlessly learning new ways to invade and evade the human immune system; now humans may do the same in the evolutionary race to outsmart all viruses. The nano molecules advance immunity and longevity potential is beyond the promise of any man-made chemicals, and what geneticists and leaders in all fields have led the world population to believe is humanly possible.

Speed dial to human immunity evolution formula, won’t contradict any medication and needs no prescription. The 48 nuclear receptors in each nucleus of your 1.6 quadrillion cells, may be the missing link to unbounded genetic improvements directed by the nano lipid molecule, which in turn is perhaps the missing link to the human DNA improvement.

The formula, made in an FDA certified Swiss lab, and is FDA generally regarded as safe as an organic, plant derived food. Nano molecule users make ten grams of vitamin C every day in their own body by recycling oxidized vitamin C. Linus Pauling, PhD, the only two-time Nobel prize winner said humans lost that genetic ability 61 million years ago. The solution is room temperature stable for three years.

12 manna influencers can make Covid over for millions by July fourth. The amazing voyage movie foresaw nano medicine. Truth is beyond fiction in today’s new life quality adventure.

A plant derived carbon electron formula may do even more than what the lipid molecule does for human and plant evolution. Its use has increased crop yields 250% and made trees grow twice as fast. Axios.com track viruses, vaccines, and immunity innovation worldwide and nanostat.com covers nano super immunity trends.

Electrons are over one trillion times smaller than this lipid molecule, and at that size may provide exponential benefits beyond it with virtually any material, especially for human immunity and longevity. See the YouTube of nano physicist Hugo DeGaris, and see why smaller than nanoparticles may be one trillion times more than efficient.

  1. Atomikleen has 100 agricultural studies and benefits. It is generally regarded as safe by the FDA, as an organic plant derived food.
  2. Half the world wears masks and global mask mandates are likely by 2022.
  3. Nano masks by kuhncoppersolutions.com could be the only nanoceutical mask deactivating viruses in the mask and the respiratory system, with nine times more breathability than the government promoted n95 masks. In house tests show the mask lasts two years, with water resistance. Coppermedics.com has FDA emergency use authorization.

  4. Other nano mask providers are: Donysos.com serves 32 countries and plans to make 3 million masks a day, lasting 200 hours. Medline.com makes thirty-six million masks monthly.

Treborrx.com plans on making 725,000 masks daily by November. Of all these products mentioned, some will be donated to those in need for a limited time; one item will be donated per one item purchase.

See 3dprintlife.com, and halolife.io. These may be some of the most mass producible, affordable and effective masks that globally contain and deactivate any virus.

See thrivespinecenter.com for virus vaccines views of immunologists from dozens of countries.

  1. Unless millions soon see options, billions will have irreversible mandatory vaccine surveillance. Candace Owens, 3 million fans say no. Influencers haven’t found manna med to say yes to.
  2. See the post pandemic solution interview series May 27th, 28th and 29th, consciousvitality.com.
  3. Learn more about viral nano herd immunity opportunities zoominars.
  4. Text only inquiries to (936) 718-2747.

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