30 years of aging removed for 200 people by Ivy League PhDs.

Nano ion life science team makes immunity longevity quantum leaps similar to Zach Bush MD, truehope.com, rnareset.com. The all-cells origins for immunity longevity global immunity goes viral. See Zach’s nutrition.academy, and Luke Storey’s interviews.

The 1 nanometer sized, mineral formula ingredients are effective at 3 drops a day. Our reverse age tech has 38,000 users, in 60 countries, in 5 years with no ads. See, Texas Observer, May 6th, 2021,” Air Pollution Was Already Killing Us. Then Came the Coronavirus.

Why Won’t the EPA Act?”, An Oslo university 30 country study, showed contaminants are the major factor in humanity’s greatest challenges. Effects of atmospheric and food containing glyphosate, on non-infectious cases alone, will cost Bayer $11 billion, rewarded to cancer victims.

Ionbiome.com, studies show ion gut health, amplifies immunity and glyphosate remediation, restoring gut health microbiota species diversity and mitochondria, the energy plant in each cell, and all cell-to-cell communication. The formula is sourced from the earth’s richest, 60-million-year, soil bank.

See protective effects of lignite extract supplement on intestinal barrier function in glyphosate-mediated tight junction injury. Dr.Willards, lignite foliar yielded 120 bushels of corn an acre, during droughts, where others got 20.grass is the 4th largest crop. replace glyphosate. see naturepest.com.

75% of rainwater and air is glyphosate contaminated “eco watch.com. Ca.classifys it as a carcinogen. See glyphosate a root cause of inflammation. Its global use rose 15 times since 1996.”It amplifies effects of food, environmental toxins “, MDPI.com.

Far before we clean the environment, we found universal mechanisms that can block impacts of air, water and food pollution at the cellular level in all cells, and possibly aerial spike proteins prions and defective mRNA

One of our solutions has 1,000’s of different nanoparticle sizes with different functions by orders of magnitude by light polarization. Invitation-only zoominar attendees will hear from the formulator on a 6/25, 8 pm EST weekly call for health professionals.

Multi trillions of benign, ionic, negatively charged, nano bot particles, seem to accelerate and accomplish cellular repair, in months, that often take years, with far more complex and expensive materials and procedures.

These particles don’t accumulate in the cells and may restore the 1 millionth of a second, electromagnetic signals needed for all 1.6 quadrillion cells in the body to have all collective bioinformatics for an optimum, innate immune longevity response that includes, yet goes beyond the immune system as it’s known by the best immunologists.

2021 is year 1, in the quantum leap era of, all cell human integrity; moonshot, giant next steps in democratic, human, global health freedom. Governors of 6 states, counseled with our team member on covid-19 options. Nontoxic neighborhoods.com have partnered with 100 communities in 20 countries banning glyphosate.

Roundup with glyphosate is a less toxic version of Agent Orange, used on four million acres in southeast Asia. WWI was chemical, II was nuclear, the present third conflict is the choices of supernatural nano science over synthetic life by 2024.

As Mexico’s president, Lopez Obrador, stated, glyphosate weakens or kills any life form that’s not genetically modified, it’s antithetic to the food and human cell sovereignty of any nation and is banned along with gmo corn.

Biden wants glyphosate on 321,000 acres of cocoa farms, affecting 144,000 farmers. MIT, PhD , Stephanie Sennett ,researching glyphosate 13 years ,reports,42,000 lawsuits against the glyphosate maker for dozens of chronic illnesses. See farmwars.info.U.S. farms use 2 million tons  of glyphosate each year, says Carlson attorneys.com.phd, toxicologist, Alex Temkin, says PFA, ag chemicals ,in the air, depress immunity, making vaccines inefficient.

Every human cell, stores deadly toxins. see independentsciencenews.org, Ewg.org, centerforfoodsafety.org, onemillionmoms.com,

Louisville, Kentucky influencers launch community immunity invitations with the nano formulas by July 7th. Community immunity invitations brings all cell transformation to any community, documented by a brief private weekly survey with 50-5000 participants. The beyond nano sciences is the world’s most effective way to remove glyphosate and all toxins from all human cells.

Caius Rommens,26 years, genetic engineer, maker of 100’s of thousands of gmo variants, says gmos and glyphosate are two of the world’s global immunity suppressors. All energy for all cellular repair, immunity longevity, is from the ions, from food, determined by the microbiome species diversity in all cells. Glyphosate disables mitochondria, says Department of, Portugal University and D.C.’s, Todd Watts and Jay Davidson.

3 drops a day may multiply detox times 10. A CDC , 2019 report found 212 contaminants in 2,400 Americans. There are 80,000 industrial use toxic chemicals in use. Consciousvitality.com the voice for global transformation now, hosts a series of post pandemic now and how solutions series starting July 10th. All cells well science approaches the safe use of nature’s nutritive elements, at a one Planck unit size, 10 trillion trillion hydrogen atoms wide.

For fastest response, text only a 5-line introduction and enquiry to 936-718-2747, or send to [email protected]. Learn how we can share the new super community immunity formula with your community at no risk, and low or no cost.