A look through the milestones and ventures of Vuuzle Media Corp

2020 has dramatically changed the world and increased the role of technology in all areas. It will not be possible to return to the old way of life. In 2021, it all depends on how quickly we introduce new tools and adapt. Every day brings changes in the world of technology. Strategical approaches to creating applications are changing.

The rapid development of technology allows opportunities to create a unique product that will meet all the needs of the target audience. The synergy of modern design and functionality allows presenting products of any complexity at a whole new level.
In line with this, Vuuzle Media Corp delivers extravagant entertainment software for streaming and social media communities. It builds high-tech platforms as solutions to consumers’ entertainment needs. Moreover, the company constantly monitors trends and news, analyzes reviews of its products, and draws conclusions in the form of application updates.

Among the priorities of Vuuzle Media Corp is to keep abreast of the development of the Internet and technologies. Vuuzle Media Corp is responsible for studying the needs of the target audience, to come up with innovations designed to cater needs of its clients.

As of the writing, Vuuzle Media Corp has ventured into different services to cater to the entertainment needs of its clients.

Here are some:


The Portal

“The Portal” series a living proof of Ronnie Flynn building the New Hollywood. Vuuzle Media Corp’s priority is to occupy the niche of one of the world’s leading production centers and media content providers. The Portal is a modern thriller series about fallen angels and a new frontier of life, where power, resentment, and anger reign. Timing of one series – 30 minutes. Each episode of the mini-series has its own interesting culmination. In the first series of “The Portal”, the producer Malcom sells his soul and also exchanges it for money and fame. Lastly, the mini-series, The Portal, was shot at the modern Vuuzle Studios, located in Dubai (UAE).

  • Executive Producer: RONNIE FLYNN
  • Producer: DK ABDELRAHMAN
  • Screenwriters: WALLED FARID and OSAMA MENREZ


  • Malcom: RONNIE FLYNN



Vuuzle Media Corp Receives 3rd Annual Brand Blazer Award for Innovations from Verizon Media

As TV merges with the internet, people started to adopt a new perspective where they want their primary screens to be a huge search bar. This search bar caters to wide choices of content from different providers.
To cater to consumers’ needs, Vuuzle Media Corp adopted an innovative approach to digital video. Vuuzle Media Corp. created its own OTT platform in 2018. In the fourth quarter of 2019, the streaming application Vuuzle.TV improved and enhanced its functionality.

Today, viewers can watch movies, shows, and TV series absolutely, FREE of charge, without a monthly subscription and registration. Mere downloading the applications on iOS or Android devices also enables clients to view the content in the web version of Vuuzle.TV.

“In the world of streaming, the paid-subscriber model is outdated, rusty, and not the way streaming companies should move forward in OTT. Vuuzle TV is.” – Ronnie Flynn

TV slowly undergoes the most radical transformation imaginable. Wires are going to blur. Vuuzle TV’s ever-expanding massive library contains a wide range of films and new TV shows recently shot in the UAE. Vuuzle TV has more than 40 genre categories from comedy, drama, family and children’s programming, classics, horror and niche content such as film box originals and specials and new content every month.

It is no doubt on why Verizon Media gave the 2020 brand blazer award to Vuuzle TV’s streaming innovation. To continue the legacy, VMC has also vowed in focusing on the AI platform’s knowledge representation, reasoning, and learning to enhance the experience of its viewers.


Vuuzle Studios

Vuuzle Media Corp launches Vuuzle Studios, a new home for world-class productions

On January 14, 2021, Vuuzle Studios launched with a grand premiere in Dubai (UAE). Famous TV presenters, actors, singers, musicians, artists, businessmen, and company partners attended the launch.

The potential of the new venture impressed the guests of the launch. Their own eyes were filled with the sight of everything you need to create a top media product. Vuuzle Studios uses the latest technology and uses the world’s most advanced film technology to produce live television programs. The studios include various zones, locations, a recording studio, a Digital Effects department, Green Screens, and a Backlot.

The Vuuzle Studios maximizes its potential in providing a new era of entertainment to cater to clients and viewers. It is a new breed of global agency delivering world-class solutions for clients through media, content, and technology.

Vuuzle Studios Dubai is far beyond being just a super-sized media shop. It has already premiered as an agency free from legacy structures and models; and competitive enough to have the right talent mix, set-up, and speed, to help clients find growth in a tough environment.

Vuuzle Studios Dubai is dedicated to catering client’s needs in terms of Events, Corporate, TV, Product, Commercial, and Movie.


Written by: Francesca Jade S. Hernandez

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