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With the development of cinema and the demand among the audience, the budgets and scales of the films are growing. The filmmakers have long gone beyond the studio pavilions, arranging shootings in different countries and shooting epic scenes with thousands of people in the crowd. And after shooting large-scale films, the directors do not let any scenery fall. Another important point in the development of cinema was the development and use of computer graphics.

And the story of the birth of cinema began with the film “Workers leave the factory” (1895) of the Lumiere brothers. Interestingly, many people still mistakenly believe that the first film of the Lumiere brothers was a picture of the arrival of the train. Another Frenchman, Georges Melies, made an equally significant contribution to cinema. He is called the father of special effects. Imagine, already in 1902, he created the world’s first science fiction film “Flight to the Moon”, which was later included in all textbooks on cinema. And already in 1903, wanting to overshadow the success of Meles, the American Edwin Porter at Edison’s studio shot the first western “The Great Train Robbery”. The film caused a sensation. And the final scene, when one of the bandits shoots as if just into the camera – was the first interaction with the audience.

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What is this movie about

A professional couple-breaker is forced to become a matchmaker when new competition muscles her out of the break-up business. In order to save her company (and keep her high-priced wardrobe) she’ll have to rely on her old nemesis: love.


What is this movie about

The story of a Lower East Side lowlife who makes a bet for $1,000, which he promptly loses. After getting kicked out of the apartment by his girlfriend, he finds himself going home with cheap barflies, robbing East Village stores to have a place to sleep.


What is this movie about

Jean and Sheryl are marrying. The families are tense and the best man has made a complete mess of the arrangements. Desperate, he books the first available singer – big mistake! This perfect wedding is quickly turning into a tangled mess.


What is this movie about

Somewhere in the city, inside a small loft apartment, three unsuspecting people are about to encounter something very strange, but they just might find the meaning of life.


What is this movie about

While recovers from a bad injury, a baseball player meet again his former love and starts to believe that there is still something there that can change their lives


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