The Business Hub for Entrepreneurship, job creation, income empowerment and poverty reduction in low-income economies through the innovation of the U.S Technology, International Cooperation and Global Corporate Education


Founded in September 2000, The U.S Minority Chamber of Commerce (U.S MCC), has more than 32,000 members in U.S and Latin America with headquarters in Miami- Washington DC and operation centers in New York, Los Angeles and Puerto Rico, and international hubs in Colombia, Honduras, Dominican Republic and recently Mexico.

The U.S MCC is a recognized national as a business hub in economic, education and entrepreneurship development which includes trade, conferences, contracting and certification to deal with procurement development with federal government, multilateral agencies, philanthropic organizations, and fortune 1000 companies.


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Message of the President

202.250-0260 [email protected]         

For more information: (202)2500260 or by Email: [email protected]

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