An independent up-and-coming musical sensation, Ray Martin Cerimeli has released his beautiful and soulful alternative rock musical compositions in his latest album “The Fine Sand”

An independent up-an

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“Through love we touch the eternal and stir up feelings of forever. When we meet someone we love deeply we long for it to last forever. And somehow it does…and perhaps we will too” Ray Martin Cerimeli

The fine sand project is a collection of musical compositions inspired by a lifetime’s worth of lived and shared experiences of love. The project’s themes range from the feelings of belonging and safety that wash over us when love is found (“The Fine Sand”, “The Day We Met”, “Loving You Feels Like Coming Home”), to the trials and heartache we experience as we watch someone or something we love slip away (“Maggie, Maggie”, “I Didn’t Hear You Say Goodbye”, “Anymore”), and contemplating love that was lost long ago (“Can You Hear Me Now”), among others. Through his master lyricism, Ray Martin paints a multi-dimensional picture of love that touches upon something which exists deep within each and every one of us, a feeling of forever… a feeling of coming home. The songs that make up “ The Fine Sand” project have been carefully crafted and curated throughout Cerimeli’s career. Their relevance transcending the boundaries of space and time. He is excited to finally share this project’s genius with the world.

Ray’s good friend and mentor, folk rock legend Harry Chapin once told him “Write about your feelings, not the things you never did.” These words have guided his work throughout his musical career. Having long since taken Harry’s words to heart, he has turned to emotion as a powerful source of creative inspiration. His latest album is dedicated to capturing the elusive yet fundamental feeling that lies at the very core of our humanity-love.

About Ray Martin Cerimeli

He is the owner of the independent production company, Desert Door Publishing, BMI based in Phoenix Arizona USA. R.M.C.  is a multi-talented Music producer and singer-songwriter. His songs have been released to positive reception on numerous online music streaming platforms and is available for sale on iTunes,  Amazon, CD Baby and
He can be contacted at:

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