Ardigen Strengthens Advisory Board with Extrepreneur and Computational Biologist Dr. Guy Cavet

April 13th, 2021 – Ardigen, a global leader in artificial intelligence for drug discovery, is proud to announce that Guy Cavet, Ph.D. has joined the company’s Advisory Board.  This addition empowers Ardigen to continue expanding its technology and capabilities, and will help strengthen Ardigen’s commitment as a trusted partner in pharmaceutical R&D.

Guy Cavet is a biotech executive and computational biologist, focused on improving human health through advances in technology. He has over twenty years of experience in applying computation to therapeutics and diagnostics R&D. Guy has co-founded Atreca and Paramune, and has led informatics and computational biology teams at companies including Genentech, Merck, Rosetta Inpharmatics and Crescendo Bioscience. His extensive experience also includes establishing and leading technology-driven partnerships to enable clinical research and drug development.

“I have enjoyed collaborating with Ardigen as a partner for several years, and I am delighted to join the company’s Advisory Board” said Dr. Cavet.  “The importance of computational tools in drug discovery and development is only increasing, from robust data management to advanced machine learning.  I look forward to helping Ardigen advance their technology suite and deliver value in pharmaceutical R&D”.

“Guy brings tremendous experience and will help us to advance our technology suite as we continue to grow AI platforms for the drug development market.” said Lukasz Nowak, COO of Ardigen.

About Ardigen

Ardigen is harnessing advanced AI methods for novel precision medicine. The company accelerates therapy development by designing immunity, decoding microbiomes, analyzing biomedical images and providing digital drug discovery services. Ardigen’s team is rooted in biology and has extensive expertise in bioinformatics, machine learning, and software engineering. The company’s in-house datasets, together with advanced AI platforms, empower the development of effective precision therapies.

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