Award-Winning Author Visits Rochester!

Award-Winning Author Comes to Rochester!

New demands open new dimensions in human nature.

     Former Corporate Trainer, University Lecturer and Award-Winning author, Dr. Joel Bryant will appear at the Strathallan Hotel in Rochester, N.Y., Saturday, June 19th from 1-4:00 p.m. to discuss his latest book, The New Being: Preparing for the Emergence of a New Humanity, Volume I. (The event is FREE and OPEN to the public).

The New Being is compelling and inspiring. Part self-help book and part social critique, it challenges conventional notions of human nature, its incorrigibility especially. In it, Bryant asserts that each of us has “the capacity for immensity,” which our notions of human nature deny when possible and discount when profitable. The result leaves us subject to what he calls “social fictions and their oppressive functions.” It tackles topics such as race, religion and politics, describing the affect the new being will have on each when it emerges.

Prior to becoming a full-time author, Bryant spent five-years changing students lives while lecturing in the University of North Carolina-Charlotte’s Philosophy Department. His second book, Work, Why? Diary of a Dreamer won a $10,000 award in 2002 from Guilford College (Greensboro, NC)

Bryant calls himself a blue-collar scholar. “I write,” he says, “in one voice but speak in another.” Bryant’s writing voice resembles his speaking voice via his ability to translate complex concepts into meaningful statements that enable others to understand how they relate to their lives.

Bryant’s manner is artful and animated, quick-witted and word-ready. When asked how he sees himself, he responds by saying “I don’t,” then adds, “The quoted are equated with being the leaders of an age, as if there sits not in silence an even wiser sage.” When asked to explain this statement, he says,

“The new millennium will see voices emerge from places unheard to challenge our notions of      humanity, community and morality. Many of them won’t be degreed but they are destined to write new narratives compatible with the new millennium. New demands,” he notes, “open new dimensions in human nature. They are emerging to meet these demands.”

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