Be in TREND and turn on the exclusive Trend Street show on Vuuzle.TV

Be in trend and be unique with the Vuuzle.TV streaming platform. Every day, Vuuzle Film Production prepares impressive shows and series that break records. And now we want to tell you about the new hot PREMIERE on Vuuzle.TV.

Meet Trend Street – a popular TV show broadcast on the streaming platform Vuuzle.TV. In this show, you will find the most popular videos or any other content that spreads on the Internet at lightning speed.

Trend Street showcases content that has gained popularity among users of social networks from around the world. In this show, the viewer will find a lot of informative information for themselves, as well as receive positive emotions.

So, it’s time to meet the creators of Trend Street! SEE PROMO!

Maria’s journey into news representing and production started at a very young age when she enrolled in and successfully completed the news presenter training with one of the leading institutes in the MENA. She formally worked as content manager and voice-over specialist years before she made the switch to becoming a producer and presenter to present News Shows as economics, politics, and social content.

Eventually, she has established her own business “Bright” which offers incredible animation videos and content development produced and presented by her.

Photo // Instagram  @marria.ahmad

Maria’s favorite thing about news presenting is that it gives you the incredible ability to connect with your listener in a way that is truly authentic. In her downtime and when she’s not behind the mic, she catches up on social media, loves reading books and playing with her adorable children.

Down to earth, passionate about life, living to the fullest, and infecting everyone with her positivity. Her favorite quote: “Smile and wave”.

Ahmed Meselhi is a professional reporter, journalist, content author, and presenter. He has experience in various media in Egypt and the UAE, and he has been working for Vuuzle Media Corp (Dubai) for more than a year. Ahmed was educated at Tanta University (Bachelor of Arts, media department, radio & TV section). He also studied at UNFPA (News reporting production workshop) and Amr el-kahky’s workshop (Program manager of al-hurra news (USA), News reporting production workshop).

Ahmed Meselhi prepares several shows for the air: monitors and selects the most important news; analyzes content; writes leaks, news briefings and scripts; holds editorial meetings and manages the production process.

Photo // Ahmed Meselhi

“My name is Ahmed Meselhi (Messi) from Egypt, I am 35 years old, graduated from Tanta University having a degree in mass communication, media department, radio, and TV section. As a producer at Vuuzle doing many shows: Vuuz News, Trend Street, Sports Sport”, – AHMED MESELHI.

Producer Sawsan Ghandour is preparing unique and exclusive content covering local and world news. Sawsan studied Bachelor of Law at Zagazig University. She has extensive experience in various media. In particular, she was the producer of the show Tlak on Al Hayah TV channel. Sawsan Ghandour is currently producing various rating shows for VUUZLE.TV.

Photo // Sawsan Ghandour

“My name is Koki from Egypt… I’m 31 years old…I graduated from a University in Law. As a news producer My role in Vuuzle is prepare unique and exclusive content local, global, entertainment, economic, sports, and social media…” – Sawsan Ghandour.

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