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Sims Pump Company is best known for offering innovative and corrosion-proof pumps, impellers & rings, and line shaft bushings for Industrial and Marine applications.  SIMS PUMP uses its patented SIMSITE® Structural Composite to create pumps, Impellers, Casing Rings, Mechanical Seals, Sleeves, Line Shaft Bushings, and many other Pump Part Upgrades for water parks. These patented structural composite products never corrode in seawater, river water, waste water, chlorinated water, or bromine, and are excellent with most acid and alkaline solutions.

Water parks rely on pumps to ensure the water flow and speed is safe and enjoyable for visitors.  SIMS’ pump technology and expertise is relied upon by water park owners across the Country to maintain water slides, lazy rivers, and a wide range of pools and water thrill rides.

Since the pumps used in water parks face extreme demands, they must be specifically designed for each operation. In many cases, they will be used to lift and circulate water, generate currents, waves, and fountains – all within a single water ride. The team at Sims Pump Company works hard to ensure the pumps are reliable and will operate without the need for regular maintenance.

SIMSITE® pumps & impellers outlast and outperform metallic and FRP ones, extending pump life well beyond industry expectations. SIMSITE® products have a long track record of being significantly more durable than bronze, stainless steel, or FRP.  Unlike most other pump companies that offer only standard lines of pumps, SIMSITE® Pumps & Impellers are customs engineered to meet the customer’s unique performance demands.

SIMS PUMP can design pump and impeller upgrades for any centrifugal pump and can meet, or exceed, the water park’s desired performance requirements, resulting in higher efficiencies and much longer life.  SIMSITE® Pumps, Impellers, and other Pump Upgrades are machined from solid blocks of the patented SIMSITE® structural composite eliminating casting defects, and enabling the pumps, impellers, and other pump upgrades to be more accurate, and energy-efficient.

SIMSITE® Pumps, Impellers, Casing Rings, and Line Shaft Bushings weigh 85 percent less Weight than their metal counterparts and have perfect balance both mechanically and hydraulically.

Hersheypark Case Study

Company Location: Hershey, Derry Township, Pennsylvania,

Company Background: Hersheypark (known as Hershey Park until 1970) is a family theme park situated in Hershey, Derry Township, Pennsylvania, United States, about 15 miles (24 km) east of Harrisburg, and 95 miles (153 km) west of Philadelphia. Founded in 1906 by Milton S. Hershey, as a leisure park for the employees of the Hershey Chocolate Company, the park is wholly and privately owned by Hershey Entertainment & Resorts Company as of 2016. The park’s area covers over 110 acres (45 ha), containing 70 rides and attractions, as well as a zoo called ZOOAMERICA.

Problem: “I probably shouldn’t say that Tropical Storm Lee was somewhat of a blessing for us that September. If it weren’t for the flooding of our M-5 pool mechanical room we probably wouldn’t have realized or expected for that matter the condition of the bronze impellers that were installed in 2007 upon disassembling the pumps for repair. It was only a matter of time and possibly the start of the 2012 season the deterioration would have presented itself with flow issues.” ~ Thomas O’Shea

Results: It has been 5/6 yrs. Since the first installation of the Simsite composite impellers in the water park. Part of the off-season work is to scope the condition of pump components including impellers. To this day the composite impellers look like new.

Customer Comments: “Thanks to you, Sim’s Pump Valve Co. for coming to the rescue and convincing us of the future of impellers in the pool industry, and I’m sure there are many other applications for composite impellers. Look forward to fitting up the numerous pumps remaining in the future as the metallic impellers dissolve due to suction/discharge cavitation, pool water super chlorination, and water chemistry variables in general.”

~ Thomas O’Shea, Hersheypark Maintenance Mgr.

All SIMSITE® Products are 100% made in the United States.

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