Black Box QR Document System Gains Popularity

(August 27, 2021) – Thanks to Black Box QR, it is now possible to live document-free in all industries, lifestyles, and even job types. Black Box QR runs one of the most popular and securest document digitization systems in today’s world.

This Black Box QR app has created absolute simplicity when it comes to viewing daily documents we use every day.

How easy? See for yourself:

Scan the QR Code to view a sample account:

With a quick tap of your own QR Code, immediately view your uploaded documents! Simple!

Black Box QR is a hands-free system that offers digitization of personal documents like passports, driver’s licenses, insurance cards, hunting/fishing licenses, work ID badges etc. One can simply access and view these documents easily with a tap of the Black Box QR’s user-friendly app.

The objective of Black Box QR is to give all users peace of mind and freedom from the hassles of carrying around important documents in hand or in a wallet and worst yet, loosing them.

Now a user can access important papers anywhere, anytime with the simple touch of an app or scan of a QR code. Black Box QR uses a cutting-edge and cloud-based software system with QR technology.

“All of us use our phones to pay for items and losing your ID is now a thing of the past with Black Box QR. All of your daily used documents are available at your fingertips”, says CEO David McDonald of Black Box QR. He adds, “We are a digital society, everything from plane tickets to making purchases is done utilizing our phone”.

Black Box QR is a document card-free solution and comes with a secure cloud based system. This means the only access to a profile is through the account owner. The user will have easy and secure 24/7 availability with quick and instant digital access.

Black Box QR is offers a “special savings combo” for only $9.95 a year which will allow a client to upload 3 document files. Tidbit: If a document validation uses a front side picture only, then a person could technically store up to 6 documents in their account. After purchase, the user will receive an email with uploading instructions, and the Black Box app installation process. Every user is given a confidential and unique QR code that enables them to access their documents quickly.

“It’s difficult to carry my personal id and other documents everywhere. If anything is lost, then replacing it is costly and time-consuming. Thank God for Black Box QR it has made my life easy. I can get my hands on my documents with just a tap on my phone”, said Tiffany, a user of Black Box QR.

Black Box QR has indeed made life easy for the people. Now, with Black Box QR everyone has the option to store and access their papers securely and quickly. Visit the Black Box QR to know more.


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