Butt skin care is definitely a thing now

The same way facial beauty routines have expanded to include cleansers, toners, serums, creams and masks, beauty brands have started releasing products specially tailored to your booty. There are now sheet masks for your rear end, along with special moisturizers, exfoliating scrubs, serums, and oils.

And if you want your backside to have the same dewy, post-chemical peel glow your face has after a facial, aestheticians are also offering the same services for your bottom.

While you may or may not have already been using your favorite body scrub or buttery lotion on your tushy, a recent boom in derrière beauty products has us asking the burning question: Do you actually need to be masking your butt?

The answer? “For most people, no — for a few people, yes. While things like acne and dryness are real concerns, the crux of butt beauty usually has more to do with smoothing skin, addressing tone imperfections (including hyperpigmentation as a result of acne scarring), too. However, for things like dry skin, While masking is all well and good.

How to get a smooth butt is a question many of us have secretly wondered about. We will give you a few booty beauty tips for a smooth butt. Follow these skincare to get rid of butt acne and to make your derriere look nothing short of stunning.

1. Get Bump-Free

Prevent bumps, acne and clogged pores on your booty by using a gentle body scrub once or twice a week. If you have been ignoring your bottom while exfoliating, then now is the time to start.

2. Shower After You Sweat

You are probably thinking that is pretty obvious, but we have all lazed around in our sweaty clothes after a rigorous workout session or after a hot day in the sun. It is a bad habit as staying in your sweaty clothes can lead to bacterial growth, so make it a point to shower as soon as you can, and use a loofah to give yourself a good scrubbing.

3. Curb Cellulite

If you are wondering how to get a clear bum? Take our suggestion and start dry-brushing your bum as your life depends on it to minimize those dreaded cellulite problems. Use a brush with bristles made out of natural fiber and scrub in circular motions on dry skin. The best time to do it is before a shower. Along with getting rid of dry skin, body brushing helps tighten skin, promotes cell renewal and increases blood circulation in the area.

4. Make Sure To Moisturize

Like the rest of your skin, you would definitely want a soft butt! Try and use an oil-free cream as you don not want to break out into any embarrassing butt-acne, especially since bikini season is around the corner. You can not go wrong with good old baby lotion.

5. Pick Your Panties Wisely

Sometimes it is better to look beyond the style of your undies, the fabric makes a huge difference. Materials that do not trap sweat or cause too much friction help get you a smooth butt. You can never go wrong with cotton. You may want to switch to seamless panties to avoid the elastic/seam from digging into your skin, causing pressure marks and affecting your blood circulation. Also, it is not a great idea to wear those thongs and G-strings too often as the “string” can cause irritation.

6. Limit The Sugar Intake

We all surely love eating sugary snacks, a chocolate bar or a bag full of candies while watching our favorite TV series. Though there is no surprise that sugar results in putting on some extra pounds and contributes to breakouts, but also damages the body’s collagen and elastin that leads to wrinkles, well yes, you heard it right… wrinkles on the bum and it surely does not look good. So it is time to ditch those sugary snacks ASAP!


It’s time to treat your butt with the same love and care as you do your face, with our sheet masks for your bum!  At BUTT!TUDE, we say let’s #FreeTheButt and celebrate that booty.

Make BUTT!TUDE a part of your weekly routine, for a happier, healthier bum — let’s get cheeky!

We offer 3 types of Butt masks for all your Butt Skin problems


An instant glow-up for your butt! Our smoothing sheet mask is made from juicy Jeju tangerines designed to exfoliate your skin, leaving your bum looking radiant.


Hydration is the key to healthy, plump, luscious skin. Our hydrating hydrogel sheet mask is packed full of moisturizing lava seawater to get that booty shining.


Got butt acne? Here’s the cure! Formulated from purifying volcanic ash from Jeju Island, this sheet mask for your bum will clear all those pesky clogged pores.

We believe a happier bum can lead to you a more confident you!

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