CareCru named top 10 most disruptive AI companies transforming healthcare

Awards program recognizes transformative technology solutions that solve lingering problems for healthcare organizations.

[MIAMI, FLA., June 22 , 2021] – CareCru is proud to announce it has been named one of the 10 Most Disruptive AI Companies Transforming Healthcare in 2021 by Insights Care Magazine.

CareCru is the creator of Donna™, an AI-powered virtual assistant that grows practices and maximizes team productivity. Through Donna™, practices are able to deliver more enriching patient experiences, with less work. Hiring Donna is like adding three world-class team members to a practice — a front office assistant, a marketing specialist and a practice consultant. CareCru has the largest Enterprise rollout of this type of technology in North America.

“It’s an honor to be recognized by Insights Care Magazine for this prestigious award,” says Lonny McLean, CEO and Founder of CareCru. “We at CareCru see AI as playing a much more active role in healthcare by being able to truly learn from the data we have. Instead of pulling historical data or running a report, the entire application is learning how to make the practice smarter to guide, steer and work on behalf of the practice.”

Technology used in the dental industry today is generally inadequate or outdated. By leveraging AI solutions, practices can reduce the amount time spent on mundane tasks, therefore enhancing profitability while providing superior patient and staff experiences. Through the proper development and deployment of technology tools, opportunities arise to cut costs, improve efficiencies and increase quality of patient care in our overburdened healthcare system.

“Our team is guided by innovation, moving quickly, finding a niche and setting sights on being a world-class solution,” says McLean. “I envision CareCru as being the leading comprehensive patient engagement, workflow automation and business analytics platform in the dental industry. Our commitment to continuous innovation will support leading practices across North America who rely on our platform to build and optimize their growing businesses.”

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About CareCru

CareCru is a growth and patient engagement platform for health care practices. CareCru’s AI-driven automation engine, Donna™, helps practices maximize their productivity and deliver an unparalleled patient experience. Hiring Donna is like adding three world-class team members to the practice – a front office assistant, a marketing specialist, and a practice consultant.

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