Civil rights disputes not being accepted, New Jersey Appellant Court Appears to abandon the rule of law when it gives full, credit and faith to a void request in high a very high profile case involving Jay Z and Rymir 

Philadelphia, PA  August 18, 2021 Community Empowerment Organization (CEO) Wanda and  Rymir Satterthwatie alongside Dr. Lillie Coley are looking for equity for approximately ten years today with respect to fair treatment among different charges. Different parties have documented a Writ Certiorari with U.S. High Court in looking for equal security of the law as different parties have acquired, Like, Shawn Carter also known as Jay Z.

This case is being brought due to a few inquiries:

  • Will a Court allow Full Credit and Faith to voided judgment that does not exist anymore and not disregard the fourteenth Amendment Due to process security?
  • Can a court deny a motion that referred to misrepresentation on the Court of evidence?
  • Can an Appeal uphold a void judgment?
  • Has the court sufficiently followed prosecution from 2012 to 2021?
  • The fourteenth Amendment is vital to our individual opportunities and freedom. We are completely allowed fair treatment regardless of what our identity is. This is a case that will be brought before the U.S. High Court.

An illustration of issues depicted in the filed Writ Attached is;

A female party, was dependent upon laws of the state, for this case, individual locale through property ownership, and in opposition to the rule of law, the other party, a male, was not subject upon these equivalent laws when he unquestionably has property and subsequently personal jurisdiction as well also known as minimum contacts because of private properties in the administering state.

Apparently, the Male party looks to stay away from the requests of the complaint which caused severe damages to the female counterpart, and all decisions from that point were totally founded on the fraud upon the court which was unfair in nature. In this case, the Court leaves fair concerning the equivalent assurance in that, the female and less financially stable individual is held to a better quality of ward when compared with the male who is held to a lesser norm of purview, which added up to no personal jurisdiction being appended making the case to be dismissed.

About Community Empowerment Organization(CEO)

The primary purpose of this organization is to uplift the community by helping the entire family unit to operate in their gifts or purposes in life. We strive to provide, guide and empower the entire community to be self-sufficient and aware of the provided services, social needs and information that will help individuals succeed in their journey through life.

We are committed to providing the community help with the Due Process(14th Amendment) Rights, Social Justice and to Protect the Constitution.

Marie Steele