Cleopatra Fitzgerald’s Surprise Announcement

New York.,N.Y., August 11th,2021

Cleopatra Fitzgerald has an announcement. She has recently become a world interfaith minister for the greater interest of the people. Fitzgerald can officiate all religions’ weddings, funerals, baptisms and participate as a counselor through giving advice to those in distress. On August 1st, 2021 Minister Fitzgerald in a small private ceremony married her parents whom have 41 years together.

Ms.Cleopatra has said: throughout eras humans have organized celebrations, festivals, holidays, and honored the departed.

Those events are shaped by culture, religion, environment, norms, tradition, sociology, anthropology, laws, geography, education, advertising, economy, and many more. Peace comes with an open-mind-the expectation for countries, regions, communities to encounter stability and harmoniousness. As Cleopatra has posted in her website: Interfaith peace resolution is the comparability of similarities in order to lessen global conflicts by interfaith dialogue and tolerance.

Fitzgerald furthermore states: As outer space exploration and robotic advancements are expanding, the inevitable reality of the technological and cosmic challenges are concerning because with differing species and robots a new race, credence and abilities might be contrary to the accustomed ways on Earth living.

The unity of optimistic ideas on Earth is paramount to cooperatively surpassing any ills in the modern age.

Spiritual entities, forces, Extraterrestrials, the Creator are said to take multi-forms, colors, representations, capabilities as is seen in world religions and hence the national, international, and outer space security as news sources have indicated depend on being alert of peaceful diplomacy and not betraying the rights of the citizens, immigrants, and space travelers but making it safe, enjoyable, fair and just. 

Changing topics, Cleopatra added that: Marriage are for those who prefer to share their lives with someone they value since persons enter marriage for a variety of factors And it is not only the years together that matter but how they treat one another. The renewal of vows and anniversary gifts can bring back the love and passion that might fade due to indifference, exhaustion, taking care of children, possible infidelity, financial issues, job hours, costs of living, etc.

Setting aside vacation time (as in honeymoon, first time) can refresh the relationship. The reminiscing of how the couple first met,why was the reason you married, what was your best moments together, the most challenging and how through it all you stood by her or his side.

To not become uncivilized when disputing an issue and be truthful, not deceitful. Forgiving could mend the relationship  as well as appreciating each other’s skills and less criticizing so things can be effectively done. If it involves the children, to protect and educate them properly. Even if persons remain unmarried and childless, the ethos is to make a lasting benefit to society.

It is a normal process the getting sick and in old age and death to be there with your family,spouse,and so forth. Eventually, funerals are a way to remember and honor the departed with dignity. Moreover, the celebration of the birth of a child and life itself as the cycle continues throughout generations.

In conclusion, Fitzgerald mentions that regardless of the main religions and type of administration in each region, community or country it is noted that peace dialogues in every topic calms the turbulence of discord. To go in peace and frankly love one another in the journey of existence is the path of understanding.

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