World-leading manufacturer of vehicle protection film, Clif Designs, has recently unveiled an innovative new Pearl Paint Protection Film (PPF) that combines unrivaled protection with professional styling. The new range has been specifically designed to help owners enhance the aesthetics of their existing paintwork while also enjoying the protection benefits of traditional PPF.

 Every vehicle owner will know the frustration that comes from returning to your pride and joy only to notice it has been scratched in the car park. The resulting marks can be incredibly hard to remove, while even daily use of your vehicle can leave your paintwork chipped and damaged as the vehicles in front kick up debris. Not only do these scratches and chips make your car look unsightly, but they also significantly impact the value of the vehicle.

Sharing this frustration with drivers, California-based Clif Designs has developed an innovative new Pearl Paint Protection Film (PPF). This new film not only offers drivers the maximum protection from damage but also gives vehicle owners the chance to enjoy an eye-catching style that enhances the aesthetics of their car.

Although Paint Protection Film has been a popular aftermarket addition for vehicle owners for a number of years, the Clif Designs option is one of the first to incorporate design and style. Typically, PPF was a transparent film that acted as a layer of armor that protected the paintwork underneath. Now, however, the new Clif Designs solution allows owners to enjoy an eye-catching solution that is able to exceed the brilliance of metallic paints found on the market.

The all-new premium solution has been designed utilizing innovative technology that has been patented by the team at Clif Designs, and users can now enhance their original paint with a beautiful sparkle appearance. This new option is the latest addition to the Clif Designs range, with users also able to enjoy Gloss Black, Matte Black, Matte, and Chameleon Carbon designs. The highly experienced team also offers drivers the ability to tint their headlights, ensuring they can personalize every aspect of their car.

The technicians at Clif Designs pride themselves on offering drivers the very best Paint Protection Film possible, and each product has been created utilizing world-leading technical know-how and scientific knowledge. To guarantee vehicle owners are able to enjoy the very best products, each Clif Designs product is also thoroughly tested in the most extreme conditions, from high-speed driving to fluctuating temperatures, ensuring the film is able to protect from chips, stains, and scratches.

Everything is designed and produced in-house, and alongside protecting from debris damage, the Clif Designs PPF also offers anti-contamination and hydrophobicity properties. Drivers can also benefit from the most advanced coating and bonding procedures possible, ensuring they are able to keep their vehicle looking its very best for a long time.

[KD Yun], [International Sales Team] at Clif Designs added, “We are really excited to be launching this new range of Paint Protection Film. Our entire team is incredibly passionate about our cars, and we know that owners want to ensure that their vehicle is looking its very best.

That is why we have developed this innovative new solution that combines the ultimate in scratch and chip protection with the added advantage of pearl PPF technology. This will allow owners to enhance their original paintwork with a luminescent and vibrant solution that will ensure they can stand out from the crowd.”

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