Texas observer march issue cited air pollution spikes as a core cause of covid spike. An Oslo University 30 country study found covid cases up 47% with pollutants and pollen rising.

Stanford university’s Mary Prunicki and triple board ceritified MD, share overwhelming evidence that all human cell repair, faster than cells are impaired, is the impossible dream solution.

After a 30 year quest, an award winning Harvard PHD reversed aging, up to 30 years, for 200 women in 120 days. Similar recoveries for autism, a global pandemic far greater than covid, are being further documented.

Flint Michigan autism aligned families contacts invite the all cells well science inventor to duplicate this in their community, starting in July. Autism statistic show, 1 in 45, male children have autism in New Jersey and 1 in 2, American 4 year old males will have autism autism by 2025 at this viral rate.

The all cells well formula, is provided by an American owned venture, now in 60 countries in 5 tears with no advertising. Covid has alerted all people in 2 years, human health is even all of the earth’s greatest treasure, as human race’s access to the foundation of the health optimization science.

The 145 mineral combination ingredients is just one part of the all cells well key. The minerals were made by nature 300 million years ago and are highly amplified to gently optimize each of the 1.6 quadrillion cells in every body.

The super science provider seeks partners to make the most disruptive discovery in history available to 8 billion people in a path of least resistance with all Legal Compliance and minimum friction with any legal authority.

A world acclaimed, digital, online, live show will host the patent holders, as early as July 12, in an ongoing series of Global Post-pandemics viral victories, now and how with other pioneers in the quantum leap in human evolution and gain of function.

Non friendly viral and environmental toxins are positively charged. All cells well nano minerals negative charge magnetize and move them out quickly safely affordably, for all cells in all people of any condition.

Daily Zoominars are available to those proving discretion and patience, by texting only a 5 line maximum enquiry to 936-718-2747.

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