THIN.COM announces acceptance of cryptocurrency for premium domain package.

Los Angeles, CA. —Tech Leaders around the globe are taking notice as landmark business opportunities merge.  Today, we announce two promising investments coming together.  The .COM and Cryptocurrency.

Global giants such as Reddit, Twitter and Tesla have been outspoken in their endorsements of cryptocurrency.  And, for decades we have seen the strong and steadfast power of a premium domain.  With multi-million dollar .COM sales taking place every year, savvy investors can now scale and profit using crypto to purchase THIN.COM as a prime investment.

THIN.COM is a premium package sale including THINNER.COM, THINNEST.COM and MULTIPLE 1-800-THIN-EXT.  Katie Bond from Warren Mae Premium Domains is excited to announce that the THIN.COM sale will accept 100% crypto in the following companies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Lite Coin, Cardano and Ripple.  Bond states, “Accepting the use of crypto in purchasing a key-word .COM is entrepreneurship at its best.  We are off to a strong start in 2021 with a $3-million dollar domain sale recorded.  The .COM and cryptocurrency continue to strengthen, making this ‘once in a lifetime’ financial opportunity a win/win for everyone.”

Avant-garde leaders such as Gerard Powell, Founder and CEO of Rythmia shares, “I am very excited about using cryptocurrency as an alternative to money. I see banks, hedge fund managers, and institutions entering the crypto space because the transactions are more efficient – it is functioning as a reserve currency, in much the same way that Gold did in the early days of banking.”

There is a parallel financial system growing around cryptocurrency which will soon be able to do everything the current financial system does but without the need for central regulators like banks and governments. This puts the power back in the hands of individuals who can now make person to person transactions around the world without having to pay hefty charges to banks.

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Katie Bond, M.A.
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