Cryptocaptrades – SOON TO LAUNCH! Meet the new cryptocurrency trading platform from Vuuzle Media Corp Limited

Digital coins are now popular with both retail and institutional investors. The digital currency market now features thousands of cryptocurrencies launched after the success of bitcoins.

If you analyze cryptocurrencies, you can see that the market capitalization of cryptocurrencies increased by about $ 3 trillion in December 2017, and then fell to one hundred billion in 2018. Moving forward, Cryptocurrency set to reach multiples of trillions of dollars. Today, the cryptocurrency values at more than $ 2.35 trillion. So does Vuuzle Media Corp Limited set new goals and enter the crypto market?

It became known that Vuuzle Media Corp Limited is launching a new blockchain platform for cryptocurrency trading called Cryptocaptrades . The new Cryptocaptrades application will provide the most popular types of cryptocurrency. The platform will allow you to store, send, buy and sell existing cryptocurrencies. And among the main advantages of Cryptocaptrades – SPEED. For example, in just 3 seconds the user will be able to fully perform the operation he needs.

The Cryptocaptrades platform will soon be available on Google Play and the App Store!

Also, Vuuzle Media Corp Limited became the first company in the history of OTT to release its token called Vuco Coin . Now the company is taking real steps to be available on the best cryptocurrencies in the world. Vuuzle Media Corp Limited’s coin will be available in several markets. Here, Bitcoin or Ethereum supports its tokenization system.

Using the tokenization process, Vuco Coin offers a revolutionary way to effectively manage money in digital format. And among the important priorities is a HIGH LEVEL OF SECURITY. According to the creators of VUCO Coin, these digital coins will be marked by reliable encryption and a multi-signature system to prevent unauthorized access.

Vuuzle Media Corp Limited provides the opportunity to enter into contracts in real time around the world. Shareholders will be able to freely trade and use their purchased shares. In addition, this new platform will double the security of financial investments made by partners, shareholders and investors.

The future is in cyrptocurrency!

As you know, cryptocurrency trading is the main way to earn money through cryptocurrency transactions. Earnings from cryptocurrency involves making a profit by winning from the difference in prices: buy cheaper, sell more expensive. That is, the principle of ordinary speculation in metal prices, currencies, stocks is preserved. To make money, crypto traders can make short-, medium-, and long-term deals. The goal of each of them is to earn as much as possible. Purchase and sale operations gets carried out with the help of special tools and platforms called cryptocurrency exchanges.

So first of all, you need to find out what your short-term or long-term strategy is. For example, do you want to buy leading cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum and then hold them for months or years? In this case, you may prefer a cryptocurrency broker that supports common payment methods. If you want to actively trade cryptocurrency to make a profit from each price movement, Cryptocaptrades will suit you, which will allow you to trade cryptocurrency profitably.

It is a fact that many global companies use cryptocurrency for domestic transactions, which increases several times the trade turnover of finance, which is easy to convert into ordinary money. The high popularity of cryptocurrency has contributed to the fact that hedge funds and large companies have become actively interested in them. Fidelity, MicroStrategy, PayPal, Tesla and other large companies saw Bitcoin’s potential and bought it.

Author: Ivanna Samotei // Chief Content Writer & Public Relations Specialist at Vuuzle Media Corp Limited

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