DataTech911 Shares Life-Saving Emergency Data from RapidSOS Through FirstResponse911 


Through this partnership, DataTech911 is recognized as RapidSOS Ready, providing Emergency Medical Services with accurate caller location and rich additional data shared by RapidSOS. 

Columbia, MD- May 12, 2021 ー FirstResponse911, a DataTech911 public safety software solution, is now RapidSOS Ready. Partnering with RapidSOS, DataTech911 is delivering caller location and additional data from over 350M connected devices to first responders in an emergency through the FirstResponse911 Incident eXchange.

The partnership allows FirstResponse911 to share rich data from the RapidSOS Platform – including caller location, health and medical information, connected building and alarm data, and more – with first responders in an emergency. This information provides first responders with unprecedented situational awareness so that they can arrive on scene faster and better informed.

“In addition to the valuable CAD data that FirstResponse911 already incorporates, the RapidSOS integration adds enhanced call location and additional incident-specific data,” said Michael Salonish, FirstResponse911 Product Manager, “This strengthens our vision of supporting first responders with the best, most up-to-date information available.”

According to Jessica Reed, Vice President of Strategy and Global Partners at RapidSOS, “We’re united in our commitment to empower safer, stronger communities with intelligent, data-driven emergency response worldwide. Together with our RapidSOS Ready Emergency Community, we’re providing people with an added layer of safety and security and we’re supporting our heroic first responders in saving millions of lives annually.”

Current DataTech911 customers can take full advantage of this capability in the upcoming May 2021 release of FirstResponse911. To learn more about how your ECC can leverage this solution, visit 

About DataTech911

Software solutions by DataTech911 streamline emergency response efforts by providing secure real-time data-sharing and analytics. Emergency response teams can respond to incidents more effectively and with greatly improved situational awareness. Interfacing directly with 911 systems, our software enables teams to coordinate efforts with hospital EDs, ECCs, ambulance service providers, and other agencies.

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About RapidSOS

In partnership with public safety, RapidSOS has created the world’s first emergency response data platform that securely links life-saving data from over 350M connected devices directly to emergency services and first responders. Through its platform, RapidSOS provides intelligent data that supports over 4,800 Emergency Communications Centers worldwide, across 150 million emergency calls annually. Together with our RapidSOS Ready emergency community, RapidSOS is supporting first responders in saving millions of lives annually.

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