Dr. Victor Marcial Vega, the leading doctor out of 3000 in Puerto-Rico, blood analysis before and after a nano-med user is perhaps the most significant improvement he has seen in 20 years.

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Super health is hidden, in the underutilized 48 receptors in the nucleus of each human cell, the master key, to potentiate all, non-obsessive, dominant viral bacterial agents, via the alpha omega genetics of all life kingdoms and their vast, unlimited genome potential to survive, revive and thrive in virtually any inner or outer environment or terrain.

The 48 receptors in each cells’ membrane and nucleus were found by a dream team of the National Institute of Health, interdisciplinary scientists in the 50’s.

The nano plant molecule market ready formula is an interdisciplinary, international, interdimensional, spirit super science, safeguarded by a former Novartis and Max Planck Institute Chief scientist and naturalized American citizen, patriot philanthropist, with 28 third party studies, and far more unpublished, due to the myriad mega disruption co-factors. 17 studies on infectious agents from covid-19, Ebola and the Marberg variation, and other lethal pandemic possibilities; show unmatched mitigation via cellular education.

In the 05/13/01 Sunday mirror, UK, pp 11, the then,100-year-old, sprite Queen Mother said her pep was from ozone injections. This requires a customized protocol by an M.D, beyond the average person’s means.

Dr. Victor Marcial Vega is board certified in oncology and integrative medicine for 37 years and stopped covid in 3 minutes in a level 3 lab for over 20 years he has used the most advanced dark field microscopy to analyze over 10,000 blood samples. The nano manna may be the most affordable, simple way to self-oxygenate the circulatory system of all human cells.

After two weeks on soma notice dark spots in the background are an indicator of clotting and the presence of toxins. however red blood cells look great and are not clumping which you would expect but do not see here.

Arrow points at a healthy white blood cell part of the immune system and it is moving optimally. The dark spots are associated with white circles which are fungi and it is part of the body’s defense against them.

The dry blood has a near-perfect pattern with almost no holes or defects. This is optimal for body health. Harvard Medical School says immunity is the true-life saver, keeping out viruses, bacteria, fungi, and parasites, causing illness, suffering, and death. The greatest, per capita of, healthy 110-year old’s, is the Ryukyu Islands of Okinawa where the most amount of unprocessed sugar cane is in the daily diet. The best species is the origin of the nano stable molecule.

One IDA Nation, an indigenous nation, has medical decisions, like Deborah Danforth, seeking legal immunity community options. The original nano-methuselah organic plant molecules formula qualifies. 13 such community health options nano demos will be the original colonies and seeds of a safe, effective, affordable, and fast, American health united as never before.

The ant is packing a real, nano CPU 10 times smaller and 100 times more powerful than any before it.

The pandemic video reached 2 billion within 10 days with a controversial view; the nano plant molecule campaign doesn’t contradict any medications vaccinations in any nation and allows the heroic innate adaptive immunity in each cell to be well in the Grand Prix of humanity’s single greatest ever challenge; however, it mutates. The benefit of all is in the small. Mighty mite, Bruce Lee at 131 pounds had the punching power of Muhammad Ali.

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For more information, text-only (936)-718-2747 with no more than three lines, in order to get a reply.


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