Dup15q Syndrome Market: Analysis of Epidemiology, Pipeline Products, and Key Companies Working in the Space

Dup15 Syndrome Market

DelveInsight’s Dup15q Syndrome market report overview of pathophysiology, various diagnostic approaches, and treatment algorithm, including detailed chapters for marketed products and emerging therapies.

DelveInsight’s ” Dup15q Syndrome Market Insights” report delivers an in-depth understanding of the Erectile Dysfunction, historical & forecasted epidemiology, as well as the Dup15q Syndrome market trends in the 7MM (the United States EU5 (Germany, Spain, Italy, France, and United Kingdom) & Japan) for the study period 2018-30. 

Some of the key highlights from the Dup15q Syndrome market insights

  • As per DelveInsight analysts, the total prevalent population of Dup15q syndrome in the 7MM was 46,259 in 2020.
  • The estimates show the highest Dup15q syndrome prevalence in the United States.
  • As per the analysis, it is observed that Japan has the second-highest prevalent population of Dup15q syndrome, among 7MM. As per estimates, Japan accounts for approximately 18.35% of the total general cases in 7MM. 
  • Major players such as Ovid Therapeutics and Takeda and others are involved in developing therapies for the treatment and management of Dup15 Syndrome. These therapies are currently in different stages of clinical development.
  • Key pipeline therapies in the Dup15q Syndrome market include Soticlestat (OV935/TAK-935) and many others.

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Dup15q Syndrome Overview

Dup15q syndrome is a neurogenetic disorder that results from duplications of chromosome 15q11.2-13.1. It is characterized by hypotonia, developmental delay and intellectual disability (ID), epilepsy, and autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Dup15q syndrome is categorized into isodicentric 15 chromosomes and interstitial duplication 15 based on the mechanism of duplication. 

However, the severity of developmental disabilities can vary widely depending on the type of duplication that occurred and whether it was derived maternally or paternally.

Dup15q Syndrome Epidemiology Segmentation in the 7MM for the Study period 2018-30

  • Total Prevalent Cases of Dup15q Syndrome
  • Total Diagnosed Prevalence of Dup15q Syndrome 
  • Type-specific Diagnosed Prevalence of Dup15q Syndrome 

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Dup15q Syndrome Market

The market is expected to grow due to the factors like an increase in the patient pool, expected entry of emerging therapies, i.e., Soticlestat (OV935/TAK-935), and a deeper penetration of the key pharma companies in the 7MM markets.

Dup15q Syndrome Pipeline Therapy

  • Soticlestat (OV935/TAK-935)

Dup15q Syndrome Pipeline Therapy and Key Player

  • Ovid Therapeutics/Takeda

Dup15q Syndrome Market Report Key Strengths

  • 10 Years Forecast
  • 7MM Coverage
  • Dup15q Syndrome Epidemiology Segmentation
  • Key Cross Competition
  • Highly Analyzed Market
  • Drugs Uptake

Dup15q Syndrome Key Questions Answered in the report

  • What was the Dup15q syndrome market share distribution in 2017, and how it would look in 2030?
  • What would be the Dup15q syndrome market size and market size by therapies across the 7MM during the forecast period (2020–2030)?
  • What are the key findings of the market across the 7MM, and which country will have the largest Dup15q syndrome market size during the forecast period (2020–2030)?
  • At what CAGR, the Dup15q syndrome market is expected to grow at the 7MM level during the forecast period (2020–2030)?
  • What would be the Dup15q syndrome market outlook across the 7MM during the forecast period (2020–2030)?
  • What would be the Dup15q syndrome market growth till 2030, and what will be the resultant market size in the year 2030?
  • How would the market drivers, barriers and future opportunities affect the market dynamics and subsequent analysis of the associated trends?

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Table of content 

1 Key Insights
2 Executive Summary of Dup15q Syndrome
3 Dup15q Syndrome Market Overview at a Glance
4 Disease Background and Overview: Dup15q Syndrome
5 Case Reports
6 Epidemiology and Patient Population
7 United States Epidemiology
8 EU5 Epidemiology
9 Japan Epidemiology
10 Current Treatment and Medical Practices
11 Unmet needs
12 Emerging Drugs
13 Dup15q Syndrome: 7MM Market Analysis
14 Key Market Assumptions
15 Seven Major Market Outlook
16 United States
17 EU-5 Countries
18 Japan
19 Market Drivers
20 Market Drivers
21 SWOT Analysis
22 Appendix
23 DelveInsight Capabilities
24 Disclaimer
25 About DelveInsight

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