EdTech Startup Joticle.com Launches Rewards Program For Early Adopters

Joticle’s Social learning platform introduces the “Learning Pod” to engage educators, experts, students, creators, and hobbyists. 

PHOENIX, AZ,  Joticle, Inc, a topic-specific social learning platform, is helping evolve the next generation of educational, social learning, and topic exploration with the launch of a free rewards program for early adopters. These individuals test technical products on behalf of Joticle. Early Adopters are eligible under the free rewards program to receive an Early Adopter badge, lifetime-free access to Joticle.com, point rewards, exclusive access to future events, and entry to win rewards and prizes.

“One of the main features of Joticle is the “Learning Pod” that positions topic-specific learning in a whole new light,” said Scott Wilson, Joticle Co-Founder, and CEO. “Early Adopters are fundamental to the future growth and success of our learning pods because they will provide people and companies of all skill sets access to more than 3,500 topics while inspiring change through social learning.” As an expert-driven platform, Joticle was launched in 2021 and merged research, eLearning, and advanced technology to build positive interactions online.

About Joticle, Inc.:

Joticle, Inc. is on a mission to provide the learner with a new kind of social learning platform that allows users to experience a more productive learning environment, free from the distractions of search engines, the non-reference capability of Wikipedia, and the trolling of forums. For more information about Joticle, visit https://joticle.com/