Energy Tokens CEO Alastair Caithness Joins Industry Insights Webinars’ Smart Money 4.0 Panel

SAN DIEGO, October 11, 2021 — On Thursday, November 18, 2021, Energy Tokens CEO Alastair Caithness will be featured on Industry Insights Webinars’ Smart Money 4.0 virtual event. The webinar will present thought-provoking conversations about tokenization, with a focus on how and why technologies such as blockchain, fintech, crypto, and IoT are revolutionizing decades-old systems and processes. The webinar will also provide guidance for implementing high-tech connected solutions with forward-looking thoughts, trends, and tips. The “Smart Money 4.0” webinar is part of a monthly Industry Insights Webinars series produced by IoT Marketing.

As a recognized leader in tokenization, Caithness is uniquely positioned to offer critical insights on the development of asset-backed blockchain tokens. In addition to being the CEO of Energy Tokens, Caithness also serves as a consultant for political organizations to develop a future economy based on digital assets through tokenization of the government’s assets and substantial resources into a usable currency that will be distributed to all Americans.

“I’m honored to have the opportunity to join Industry Insights Webinars’ panel discussion on how advanced technologies are creating a wealth of data that may be more valuable than cash itself,” said Caithness. “Industry Insights Webinars has a highly engaged community of tech and business executives, and I look forward to sharing my knowledge and experiences.”

At the Smart Money 4.0 webinar, attendees will learn how to prepare their finances for Industry 4.0 and how to choose IoT and other connected solutions for the financial and banking sectors that make dollars and sense.

Discussion points will include:

  • The advantages of using Fintech for investment
  • Blockchain applications for the financial sector
  • The pros and cons of crypto
  • Asset Backed Security Tokens
  • Energy Tokenization
  • How IoT is used in banking

“With such an impressive background in tokenization, we found Alastair to be an ideal panelist for our upcoming Smart Money 4.0 webinar,” said Tiffani Neilson, Host of Industry Insights Webinars and CMO of IoT Marketing. “We know our viewers will gain valuable information from the insights only he can provide.”

Raj Kapoor, Founder and CEO of India Blockchain Alliance, will join Caithness as another panelist of the Smart Money 4.0 webinar. Additional panelists will be announced as the event approaches.

The Industry Insights Webinars monthly webinar series concentrates on how technology is used across multiple industries, focusing on a new industry each month. IoT Marketing’s Industry Insights Webinars aims to provide business professionals a sense of community within the Internet of Things space while guiding IoT adopters through their digital transformation journey.

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About Energy Tokens

The Energy Tokens Asset Trading Platform provides a means for tokenizing ownership interests in energy producing assets using permission-based blockchain technology, and thereby creating a liquid market for previously illiquid assets. Users of the Energy Tokens platform will include investors in energy producing assets and operators raising capital to develop renewable and carbon-based energy projects.  Energy Tokens. was established in collaboration with leading blockchain, data analysis, systems, tokenization, regulatory and trading specialists to develop the Energy Tokens Asset Trading Platform.  Energy Tokens has formed collaborations with several leading technology providers to create the Energy Tokens platform and implement its end-to-end investment and trading solution. Third party software providers will share integrated machine learning and artificial intelligence to provide data analysis of upstream oil and gas projects trading on the Energy Tokens platform.

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