ENKS RELEASES PUBLIC STATEMENT ON Temp. Trading Suspension until July 7th 11:59 PM

New York, June 23 2021

ENKS issues the following public statement with regards to the Temporary Trading suspension in ENKS Trading which was issued due to the SEC requirement that we send in exhibits of supporting information related to the Coviklear Acquisition the PA Land Acquisition and (Solar / Hydrogen Program) and supporting exhibits regarding the March 21 Quarterly report covering that period.

We are working closely with the SEC to supply all of the exhibits needed to validate the items mentioned in order to have the Temp. suspension lifted as soon as possible and while the suspension is set to be lifted at 1159 Pm on July 7th  as stated by the SEC – we may ask for an earlier lifting of the suspension when they have had time to go through the validation items that we are providing today and tomorrow, until they are satisfied that they have sufficient information and have had time to check it as valid and qualifying for the temp. trade suspension to be lifted earlier if possible.

ENKS is confident that once all the information is submitted the Temp. Trade suspension will be lifted on time as stated and possibly beforehand if we are able to satisfy the compliance and enforcement staff in the SEC information Review.

Please contact the Company for any additional information where needed and we shall update the public and our shareholders as needed.

Thank you