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Information has always occupied an important place in human life. The evolution of humanity, the formation of our society and the emergence of state institutions have always been associated with the accumulation, dissemination, and processing of relevant information.

As a result, Vuuzle Media Corp established successful projects — a music application called Vumu Music, an application for artificial intelligence called Clout 9, OTT platform  Vuuzle.TV, game application Gamevuu, innovative Vuuzle Dubai Studios, Vuuzle Film Production.

Also, there’s an important place that is occupied by informationand entertainment sites written in 3 languages. You may want to check these out!

These are (English), (Ukrainian), (English), and  (in Indonesian).





According to Ronnie Flynn, founder of Vuuzle Media Corp and executive producer of the innovative Vuuzle Film Production, websites are effective tools for developing information and engaging the right target audience in a particular topic. The main task of the company’s sites is to provide the most complete and also relevant information on certain topics.

The design of Vuuzle information sites is pleasant, convenient, and easy for users to understand. In order to simplify navigation and search for the necessary information, thematic sections, tagging of materials, site search, and other functions are implemented.

As for the structure, you can easily find interesting and useful articles, videos, and photos on the Vuuzle sites. Here is a list of the main sections:

  • NEWS;
  • HUMOR;
  • GAMES and others.
Authors of information and entertainment sites Vuuzle in the preparation of materials, guided by the following criteria:

Headlines on Vuuzle sites attract the reader’s attention and force him to read the text further without leaving the page. After all, it should be said that it is by the title that a person determines whether he should read the article and whether he will receive useful or interesting information.

Undoubtedly, every article on Vuuzle touches on important issues for society, attracts public attention and encourages wider discussion. Therefore, the authors of the content try to cover issues that are of interest to society, certain sections or large social groups, rather than one or more people.


Another important criterion for the work of Content Writers of Vuuzle Media Corp is the reliable submission of truthful information from verified sources. As well as the impartiality of the information, the lack of distortion or distortion, coverage of different points of view on the issue.


The authors of the Vuuzle sites try to create and find new original ideas that deviate from the accepted schemes of thinking, to successfully solve the tasks in a non-standard way. After all, companies believe that creative thinking is revolutionary and constructive.

Author: Ivanna Samotei // Vuuzle Media Corp Chief Content Writer & Public Relations Specialist

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