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Streaming service Vuuzle.TV, created Vuuzle Media Corp Limited, boasts millions of viewers and is one of the largest online libraries of free premium content in the world.

The OTT platform provides quality TV shows, movie series, and live broadcasts to users around the world. Vuuzle.TV offers content for more than 100 countries with extraordinary speed and free of charge, using the enterprise-level infrastructure and the next-generation OTT platform.

As you know, professional sport is a powerful social phenomenon that performs important social functions in modern society.

The extremely great social significance of professional sports, particularly in the United States, is evidenced by the following fact: in 1985, the days of the inauguration of US President Ronald Reagan and the final cup match of American football coincided. The White House administration postponed the celebrations in Washington a day later, and the cup meeting was held according to the competition calendar.

American sociologists believe that the social world of sports is an integral part of society. Its cultural characteristics reflect the internal culture of society and, in turn, help to shape the social standards of society and lifestyle.

The Vuuzle.TV streaming service promotes a healthy lifestyle. Along with classic sports – hockey, basketball, boxing, martial arts, athletics, volleyball, swimming, handball – the platform offers its viewers projects about extreme sports, fishing, feature films on sports, motivational and entertainment programs. On the platform, you can find both national competitions and international sporting events with the participation of the best athletes in the world. In particular, tournaments in hockey, boxing, volleyball, wrestling, e-sports, mixed martial arts, arm wrestling, and other sports.

According to the founder of Vuuzle Media Corp Limited Ronnie Flynn, one of the functions of Vuuzle.TV is to support world sports and develop a culture of consuming sports content.

What is this movie about?

Fighting Rookies is a competition with a unique chance for a kickboxer to climb the ladder of success in his sport. The Rookies compete for a chance to become professionals and get the experience needed to succeed at the highest level. Each fighter gives his best to turn his dream into reality. What they do today builds their future and echoes into eternity!

What is this movie about?

The XFL is returning! To lead the charge Vince McMahon has hand-selected Former NFL QB and NCAA Executive, Oliver Luck! Oliver talks his vision for the league and the steps he is taking to provide a quality game of football. Oliver is the Father of NFL QB Andrew Luck and former President of the Houston Dynamo.

What is this movie about?

NFL Hall of Famer & Oakland Raider legend Willie Brown stops by the Christmas Special to share warm memories of Christmas past!

What is this movie about?

AutoSpeed is all action, all style, and all the news. We have a weekly Grand Prix update, race previews and feature stories. Action from the world of international racing and rallying. New car releases from the world’s prestige motor shows and the future of motoring are all covered.

What is this movie about?

Inside Sailing will bring all the news, sailor interviews and action from all the top sailing destinations around the world.

What is this movie about?

Welcome to Kite Masters, the action-packed sport that continues to take the world by storm. Our programs will introduce you to the world’s best events and top riders!

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