From a Vuuzle team player’s perspective

From a Vuuzle team p

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Working culture has been experiencing drastic changes for the past months due to the global pandemic.

Many companies are shutting down. The office work environment shifted to home-based jobs. The joyful “hellos”, taps, and hugs, switched to on-screen calls and messages. In short, COVID-19 introduced major changes to work culture, and the essence of having a job slowly deteriorates. BUT NOT WITH VUUZLE.

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, VUUZLE MEDIA CORPORATION stands tall and continues to soar. Up to now, the company maintains its stability regarding the employment status of its team-players. No employee has been laid off due to financial shortcomings of the company. Also, the VMC employees still go to the office and enjoy creating camaraderie with co-workers. Everyone enjoys his/her job, gets properly compensated, and of course, growing.

A successful company needs a competent and passionate work force in order to become one.

So what does it takes to become a Vuzzle team-player?


You cannot do things effectively without having the fire within. Working just to earn, or at-least gaining the “employed” status will lead to low-quality outputs. Your passion leads you to your purpose, thus sense of fulfillment will follow.


Working is hard, but loving your work is harder. The saying: “You wouldn’t be burdened if you love what you’re doing”, does not really make sense. When you love your work, you tend to push yourself to do better. You are hungry for growth, and it’s not easy because growth begins outside your comfort zone. The outside of this zone is, of course, pure hell. You must have the endurance to bear all odds and to continue persevering even with just a pinch of will and hope.


Every success story is a tale of constant adaption, revision, and risks. Routinary works kill individual growth. In Vuuzle, every sunrise is a new story, and every sunset is a new lesson. A Vuuzle team-player stops shrinking his/herself to fit in places he/she has outgrown. Every day is a challenge you should accept, and you must be ready to jump and take risks.


The box will always be your comfort zone. In order to excel in one’s field, you must break through these four corners. Just like the process of becoming a butterfly, going out of your cocoon is the hardest. A Vuuzle team player does not aim for the best. Instead, one strives to be better– always leaving room for improvements. Being the best stops there, but being better continues the progress.


Relationships with co-workers are really crucial to the success of a company. A business cannot succeed with the sole effort of one person. Everything connects itself to details that make up an excellent output. A good culture builds relationships, and relationships are teamwork, not one against the other.


There are two problems in life– one is controlled, and the other is not. A Vuuzle team player has to distinguish the two in order to come up with solutions. Problems that happen out of control shall be entrusted to the Highest. An effective employee knows how to pray, seek help and bow down.

Having faith is also trusting the process. One must bear in mind that the fire that melts the butter is the same fire that hardens the steel. The problems the company is facing will also be the ones that would strengthen it if you just keep on the faith.

The whole Vuuzle Media Corporation team is full of music and laughter. Everyone forms a great part in creating harmony and producing world-class results. The team also reached a milestone when Vuuzle Media Corporation recently received Verizon Media’s 2021 Brand Blazer Award for ‘Streaming Innovation’.

To close the list, Vuuzle’s founder, Ronnie Flynn has something to say in his letter:

“I think of me building Vuuzle TV as an orchestra leader, signaling many different instruments to make every different sound harmonize, all at the same time. I learned that building a successful team is about finding a group of people with the right mix of professional skills, who like to laugh and play.”

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