Get the jab, and together let’s keep Sheffield open

We are all missing lots of things during the Coronavirus pandemic and despite the hopes of relaxations coming soon the greatest way to ensure we get our freedoms back is to get vaccinated. There is much talk about whether we need vaccines to do certain activities or travel abroad and as more of the population is vaccinated the chances of these happening are increasing.

At Call For Duty, we are working closely with Sheffield City Council and NHS services in Sheffield to promote vaccination to all communities and people of all ages. As the age range for vaccination has now reached young adults we are particularly urging these young people to come forward as soon as they are called to get the jab. Anyone who has been called and hasn’t acted yet can still book an appointment at any point to get vaccinated and should do so at the soonest available opportunity.

Together with if we all get vaccinated, we can protect not only ourselves, our families, our colleagues, and our community but also our way of life. It is especially important as new variants are emerging that are becoming more transmittable and affecting younger people. As we have seen with the recent delay in relaxing restriction, vaccination is a crucial factor in being able to return to our normal way of life and regain our freedom.

Getting the jab and playing your part in the vaccination programme may make the difference and mean that you can once again do the things you are missing like freely socialising in pubs, having parties, going on holiday, and hugging.

It is important to remember that although the Covid vaccine may seem new and unknown which might be scary for some, vaccines have been around for a long time for similar viruses. Vaccines hadn’t just appeared out of nowhere in 2020, they have been developed for many years for similar viruses and they are safe and effective.

Covid is affecting people of all ages and there are plenty of younger people that have ended up in the hospital or have experienced long Covid. Long Covid is a great concern and can cause fatigue, anxiety, and impotence. In comparison the effects of having the vaccine are minor and many have no side effects at all. Mild side effects include a sore arm, feeling tired and flu-like symptoms which may last a few days. In most cases, it is no worse than a hangover or a late night and the effects of Covid could last much longer.

Act now and play your part in keeping Sheffield safe and open. Book an appointment if you have been invited already or book one as soon as you are invited. Don’t delay and put yourself and others at further risk.

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