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Employees form a backbone for the foundation and stability of a company. They play an essential part in a company’s success, and the foremost reason behind achieving the company’s purposes and objectives.

One rising name in the entertainment industry is the Vuuzle Media Corp. VMC caters client’s needs through offering the new era of entertainment. In less than a year, the company has slowly paved its way to success. In fact, VMC just won a brand blazer award for streaming innovations given by Verizon Media. It also premiered its latest venture, the Vuuzle Studios located in Dubai, which uses top-caliber equipments for its outputs.

Vuuzle Media Corp has its extending companies around the globe. Among these countries is the Philippines. Filipinos are well known for their traits of being happy people. They are also known for being respectful, hospitable and being detail-oriented workers. The Philippine team works on micro-magic steps that helped VMC reach where it is now.

Each member of the Philippine team has his/her own unique skills and personality that harmonizes to everyone. So, who are the people behind the Philippine Team? Get to know them below! 🙂

Anne Tan : Web & Graphics Department Head

When you see Roanne, you’ll probably think of a typical “girl-next-door” type of personality. In reality, she rocks the whole VMC with her skills! Roanne graduated with the degree of Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering. As a result, her skills pushed her to be in charge of all the websites connected with Vuuzle Media Corp, not just in the Philippines, but to all countries it handles.

Among the areas of expertise of Roanne are: Web Design and Development, Servers and Security, Graphic Design, and Web and Tech Support. Also, there’s more to love with Roanne because you’ll often catch her around while carrying her cute little dog!

Owen Dave Caisip : Senior Web Developer

If there’s a person in the room that makes a wise decision, it’s Owen.

Owen seems to be the silent type but you’ll often catch him around laughing and throwing punchlines with his co-workers. He earned the degree of Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering. Being the natural “wise” of him, Owen tends to observe things, even their smallest details. With this trait, he is now the Senior Web Developer of the team.

Joydee Reyes : Content Manager & Public Relations Specialist

Joydee is one of the head turner of the crowd. With her milky-soft skin, bright smile and bubbly personality, you could not help but to enjoy talking with her.

Joydee is in charge of the external relationship of the company. Aside from this, she also publishes news articles everyday. Also, she send press releases and certificates to shareholder and partners.

Che Carson : Chief Administrative Officer & Corporate Secretary

Being a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Education, it’s so natural to Chey to have passion in helping people. She serves as a candle to the Philippine team because she consumes herself to light up the way of each employees.

As a Chief Administrative Officer, Chey manages the day to day operation of the company. She closely works with all department heads and foreign offices the company is affiliated. Chey also ensures strict implementation of the house rules of the company.

Arcel Muldong : Legal Assistant & Administrative Officer

Arcel Muldong has served the company for almost a decade now. She aced a study degree in Computer Secretarial (BS Com Sci). Arcel is also responsible for all the legal concerns that needs assistance and action. She fore mostly attends to labor issues of the employees.

Aside from being an administrative officer, Arcel ensures that all employees are keeping the faith. She brings each employee closer to God through her prayers and motherly advices. The company camarederie remains intact as she would bind everyone in prayers, hope and optimism.

Jenny Permales : Accounting / Banking Officer

Accountants are often tagged as “nerdy”, or “plain”, but Vuuzle’s accountant is another story!

Jenny loves to travel, she really dreams to visit every place in the world. She would also love to divulge herself in learning new things such as cooking, and baking. Her, being organized and flexible led her to where she is now. Jenny graduated with a degree in Business Information and Management. She is mainly in charge of keeping track of the transactions in and out of the company. She is also responsible for the payrolls of the employees, which rewards them for their hard work.

Gladys Itao : Accounting Assisstant

Oftentimes, you would hear melodies and an angelic voice coming from the accounting office, and it’s her. Gladys has somehow a deep connection with music, which she uses to ward off stress from employees. Who would hate to hear a nice song when everything’s so stressful?

Gladys graduated with the degree of Bachelor of Science in Accounting Technology. She is in charge of keeping track with the payables of the company. She also keeps a keen eye on monitoring supplies used by the employees. Also, you will catch her screaming her favorite words.. “West Coast!”

Ma. Patricia Mariz Pena : HR Head

Patricia loves to play with colors. You’ll often catch her wearing a bright yellow dress or a pastel-colored suit. She also loves to try new things about her hair, on Monday she’s blonde, on Wednesday she’s on ash gray, and then shifts to pitch black. With her love of colors, she somewhat knew how to deal with employees of different personalities.

Patricia graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education, major in Social Sciences, and is now the head of the HR department. She ensures that issues between management and employees are settled and no dispute. In addition, she is also in charge of the recruitment and hiring process; she interviews applicants about their education, experience, and skills.

Rona Garcia : HR Personnel

When you hear a contagious laugh, it’s ninety percent from her. Rona gives off that kind of laugh that when you hear it, you’ll laugh too, even there’s nothing funny. (How weird is that?) This trait also contributes to lessen the stress in the working environment. Of course, laughter is the best medicine!

Rona is in charge of keeping eye on the attendance of employees. She is also responsible for the “leaves” filed by the employees. She also gives heads up to the newly-hired employees about the contract and several rules of the company.

Petrick Fontamillas : Jr. Web Developer

Petrick may be the youngest of the “techy-team”, but he talks of life lessons from his experiences. Most people of his age tend to live the “life”, but he started to build his career as early as now.

Petrick earned his degree of Bachelor of Science in Information Technology. He’s responsible for developing websites under the supervision of his seniors. He is also in charge of the layouts of the employees’ IDs. Petrick works day until late at night but you’ll still hear him crack jokes that everybody would enjoy. He is also the best version of him when he’s drunk. Cheers!

Francesca Jade Hernandez : Content Writer & Public Relations Specialist

Silent and cunning as she may seem, ideas loudly burst inside of her. She loves reading, climbing mountains, and immerses herself in different cultures, where she often gets ideas for her works.

Jade graduated with the degree of Bachelor of Arts in Communication and is currently taking up Law. She is in charge of the publication of blogs, and news articles on the Vuuzle PH site. Jade is also responsible for the content of the ads, newsletters, press releases, and company memorandums and ensures that the SEO of the published works is good. Lastly, there’s more to love with Jade because you’ll often catch her around while carrying her cute little cat!

Jefferson Chua : IT Head

Jefferson earned a degree in Bachelor of Arts in Information and Technology. He works in the company as the head of the IT Department manifested by his expertise in this field. He is also in charge of his IT personnel that work at night. Further, he also manages the biometric door lock access, to keep employees secure. The computer and printer issues are also under his supervision. He is also responsible for buying office computers and accessories.

Jefferson performs more duty beyond being an IT expert, and these tasks are many to mention. You will often see him lurking around the office, attending to the needs of every employee.

Modern times call for digital solutions, and these three gents are here to help!

June David, Jesel Manalac, and Rolando Alburo ensure the company keeps up to the fast paced world by staying connected. They mainly keep their eyes on the internet connectivity of all computers in the company. Also, they support the IT Head on troubleshooting, setup, and maintaining all units. Further, they always see to it that the whole company is secured through highly functional security cameras. Their tasks are too broad and varied to fit in this block, and we assure you, they’re the living modern problem solver in town!

Vuuzle TV Philippines

Mark Joseph Torres : Graphic Artist

Joseph finds a special connection between art and music. His eyes see beyond what is visual. Joseph is very keen to small details and how it compliments another element. He can communicate with people through his works.

He graduated with the degree of Bachelor of Science in Information and Technology. Joseph is mainly in charge of creating design materials for the company. He is also responsible for creating graphics for banners, press releases, thumbnails, and media presentations. During off-hours, you’ll probably see him holding his guitar or grinding at the gym, while he creates his masterpiece of himself.

Alaine John Gutierrez : Junior Programmer

Alaine is the “silent game slayer” of the group. He tends to be mum most of the time, but his outputs are always excellent. Alaine always strives to learn beyond his daily task, and do better every day. He also rarely complains of tasks even under pressure.

Alaine graduated with the degree of Bachelor of Science in Information and Technology. He acts as the programmer of the team. He mainly codes email marketing campaigns, converts them to HTML. Also, you may consider handing him a good drink because his silence fades when he’s drunk. Cheers!

Roi Calderon : Graphic Designer / Web Support

Roi’s love for creativity is inseparable to his being. He is like a book full of ideas and lessons. He is also very keen to small details. Roi’s work mantra reflects on his outputs. He carries the idea of giving off your very best in any task assigned to you.

Roi graduated with the degree of Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. He is mainly in charge of the Web Design & Development of He is also responsible for creating the company’s greeting cards and performs basic to advance SEO. Lastly, he is generous enough to guide younger generations on rendering tasks, and shares his knowledge and experiences in a certain field.

When you see him, don’t hesitate to approach him. He might be carrying a box of sweet tarts! (The company became addicted to these, yum!)

These sweet and charming girls know how to have fun while working! Their charming, and friendly vibe wins investors to trust and maintain partnership with the company! They are mainly in charge of calling subsisting and potential investors. These girls play a vital role in the company’s growth and development. The trust bestowed upon them by the founder and the board is maintained with confidence by their efficacy at work.

Princess Dana Gomez : Executive Secretary & Digital Marketing Representative

These gorgeous souls dances in the tune of business! As trusted people of the company, they maintain a high standard of work as their skills greatly impact the growth of the institution. They are well versed both in written and orally. Plus, they are highly adaptive, and wide-skilled. These girls are also willing to explore things that would contribute to their development as employees, and company. You’ll often hear laughter from their cubicles because they really believe that laughter and music is power combo for a healthy workplace!

Claudine Lacson

Judy Ann Herrera

Nenita Cabalo

Joena Macapagal

Trixia Roxas

Jasmine Ariane Vallo

Carrielyn Matienzo


Andylyn Barcil

Erica Jane Managuit

Janet Pangilinan

Catherene Belicario : Marketing Manager

The Treasury Department is in charge of all financial aspects of Vuuzle Media Corp. They take charge of ensuring funds should be distributed efficiently and wisely. The department also handles Foreign client’s Full Investments and makes sure that individual records are accurate and updated. Certificates are also made through them. Confidential files also remain intact and safe with their department.

Tomasita Camayra : Treasury Department Head

Lyra Lauderez : Executive Secretary

Joshua Flynn : VP of Sales & Investment

Daniel Skulnick

Joseph Bonica

Chris Pettit

Vuuzle Media Corp is only moving forward!

According to the founder of Vuuzle Media Corp Ronnie Flynn, the main component of the image is to create an atmosphere of a single team in the team, where everyone, doing their own thing, remembers the common goal, say, success in national and international markets.

Author: Francesca Jade Hernandez || Vuuzle Media Corp, Content Writer & Public Relations Specialist

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