August 5,  2021- Libertyville, IL – The Board of Directors of Global Water Works, an online community dedicated to solving the global water crisis in this generation, announced the formal approval and restructuring as a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit. For Global Water Works, this means we are now positioned to be the centralized core of knowledge for global water solutions – independent of commercial affiliation or drivers.  Functionally it also means that all donations made to the organization from this point forward are tax deductible in the United States, and that any funds will be expended to directly achieve its mission.

Serving the water sector as a trade association since 2016, Global Water Works has grown and evolved into a community of more than 1650 members, representing 77 countries.  Global Water Works’ rich five-year history, spans work with California, Israel, Singapore, India and Africa, and has revealed how water challenges are resolved when people collaborate, communicate and integrate smart technologies.

“When you see arid deserts transformed into productive oases, dead lakes brought back to life, and water resources reused or tapped from the air, you can’t help but be optimistic about the world’s ability to address water challenges wherever they exist,” says Mary Conley Eggert, Co-Executive Director of Global Water Works.  “Regrettably, the siloed nature of water enterprises has limited visibility of these solutions.  Global Water Works shines the light on these solutions by creating a hub of knowledge, experience, technology and collaboration, building on its rich history of service to the global water community.”

Fortune 500 Executive, pastor and venture capitalist, Frank Slovenec, who joined Mary as Co-Executive Director, concurs.  “More than 100 proven technologies in the Global Water Works Tech Showcase are available for use today – solving the gamut of water issues: water scarcity, stormwater inundation, water finance, affordability, customer engagement.  We know that by combining education, outreach and technical assistance on these technologies, we can support the resolution of water issues locally and globally.  With Global Water Works, anyone can achieve the four pillars of water: sustainability, affordability, availability and security.”


With the new non-profit model, Global Water Works has announced additions to the Board of Directors: Steve Lavey, Graham Symmonds and Syama Pappu.

Steve Lavey is a social venture investor, and the CFO of, which has developed a purpose-built water filter for the developing world. A high impact, strategic, entrepreneurial senior executive with extensive technology and corporate leadership experience, Steve has driven high growth publicly-traded and PE-backed companies, as well as fin-tech and social impact organizations. He has worked as COO/CFO with private equity portfolio companies in financial services, technology, healthcare, business services, nonprofits, & social ventures, and is currently the CFO for Vivoblu, an organization focused on addressing the global water crisis with purpose-built filters.

Syama Pappu is a Senior electrical engineer at the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago with more than 40 years’ experience. He is co-founder and President of Water and Waste Management (WWM), an international conference and exposition convening water and wastewater experts across Asia.  WWM and Global Water Works collaborate on the India conference and on a group within the Global Water Works community.

Graham Symmonds is an experienced professional with a fundamental understanding of all aspects of the water sector, spanning engineering, operations and regulatory compliance. A former Naval Officer, Graham was the Chief Technology Officer and Senior Vice President for Regulatory Affairs and Compliance for Global Water’s regulated utilities. He was also the utility manager for Algonquin Water Resources of America, responsible for all business, technical and regulatory operations.  Graham co-authored the “Smart Grid for Water: How Data Will Save our Water and Your Utility.”   He has played an instrumental role in Global Water Works first five years, shaping the technology showcase and contributing to webinars and other thought leadership activities.

All are invited to join the FREE Global Water Works online community. Members may also subscribe to focused discussion forums, spanning Water Efficiency, Atmospheric Water, Digital Transformation, Corporate Sustainability, Women in Water and Next Generation opportunities.

To learn more about how you can contribute to Global WaterWorks, visit our Website. To keep up to date on Global Water Works’ progress toward it’s mission, follow GWW on Twitter and Facebook.

ABOUT GLOBAL WATER WORKS.   Global Water Works is a community of 1,650+ members representing 77 countries connecting the people, process and technologies to solve the Global Water Crisis.

  • The first-of-its-kind knowledge base includes a global Water Tech Showcase of 100+ water technology companies with proven water solutions and case studies.
  • A global calendar of EVENTS offers extensive education and networking opportunities, many of which are free.
  • Groups support more intimate communications on focused topics or regional efforts, providing a collaboration space to support and advance initiatives of partners, including The Water Tower, SWAN Forum, Israel WATEC, Water and Waste Management, and the University of New Mexico Peace Engineers.
  • Thousands of articles and research documents can be found with a topical search, and also appear on H2O Global News.
  • Members can poll members and crowd-source insights and answers.
  • Global Water Works conducts a regular webinar series on water innovations with Scranton Gillette Communication Subscribers, reaching over 130,000 subscribers.


Mary Conley Eggert, 312-282-6048, [email protected]

Frank Sovenec, 415-297-9048, [email protected]