Hottest NFT On Presale

If 2020 was the year for DeFi, then 2021 is shaping up to be the year for NFTs as sales and volumes are hitting new record highs. Here is the hottest token and on presale at the moment. On


The ones we always wanted

  1. Growth potential: High supply, low market cap
  2. Locked tokens: Vested & locked liquidity
  3. Fair launch: Everyone participates equally
  4. No strange economics: Simple like an Ape

Token distribution

All are locked except for pre-sale participants


10% vested 6 months


10% vested 6 months


4% vested 3 months


10% vested 6 months

Public Sale

40% fully available


26% locked, available in 2022


We know where we are headed

Q1 Q2 Q3
Token created Airdrop to holders NFT Shop
Dev funds locked dxApe Merch Multi-chain compatibility
Pre-sale launch Partnerships Interoperable product
Tokens distributed Banana Ape Game

As NFT’s come this is definitely one that will have tremendous growth and the team will be discussing projects to save Gorillas. Here is one that will be in the talks for sure

If you want to check out go below:

Presale Over  soon

Once sale is concluded you can find us on pancake!