How Vuuzle Media Corp provides growth opportunities to its employees

It’s human nature to grow.

While physical growth slows over time, the desire for development never goes away.

The human desire for growth is perhaps mostly manifested in the realm of career. It’s safe to say that jobs play a huge impact on people’s happiness, considering we spend about a third of our adult lives at work. As a result, if people aren’t happy with their jobs. Many of them — once they can afford it — will simply abandon their jobs for something better.

Vuuzle Media Corp founder Ronnie Flynn has focused his heart on his WORKFORCE. He firmly believes that success can be achieved when employees are burning with passion and united in one goal.

Growth Opportunities Improve Employee Engagement and Retention

It is proven employees will be more engaged at work if they know they can grow rather than feel like they’re constantly hitting their heads on the ceiling.

Professional growth opportunity is one of their highest drivers of engagement. Conversely, exiting employees listed lack of growth opportunity as the second-highest reason for leaving.

So how can a company keep its employees happy enough to stick around, the -Vuuzle Media Corp- way?

Vuuzle Media Corp Provides All Types of Growth Opportunities to Its Employees

1. Financial Growth

Most people consider financial growth when they think about career development. Naturally, employees will be motivated by the possibility of increased income, especially when it’s tied to their performance.

Vuuzle Media Corp offers competitive salary to its employess that matches their skills and outputs. Founder Ronnie Flynn highly respects employees’ efforts to sustain success of the company. Aside from a competitive slaary, whenever the team does a good job, founder Ronnie Flynn treats all employees a hearty lunch, snacks or dinners. It maybe a little thing but the sincere thought greatly improves the atmosphere.

2. Career Growth

Vuuzle Media Corp does not, and will never underestimate the power of prestige.

At times, employees may not be a part of a huge corporation. Still, most driven individuals will still want to move up in the ranks of their organization. Offering employees various opportunities to do so — more significant duties, more impressive job titles, bigger offices, etc.

Ronnie Flynn aimed Vuuzle Media Corp to become a giant of its kind. He also provided world-class offices such as the Vuuzle Studios in Dubai, in order for the employees to feel a different kind of working environment. Ronnie sees to it that an employee can proudly say, “I am working for Vuuzle Media Corp, a giant in the new era of entertainment industry!”

3. Professional Growth

If they’re serious about their work, employees will want to improve in their field. In fact, most employees in this study rated training opportunities as highly important career benefits, with job-specific training at the top (54%).

The best part about providing opportunities for professional growth is that it is mutually beneficial — employees get to feel more competent, and employers get to have more competent employees!

Vuuzle Media Corp takes advantage of this arrangement by offering ways for employees to sharpen their skills and knowledge while contributing to the company. Founder Ronnie Flynn ensures he provides an ample amount of fuel to keep the team going in to one purpose: To provide clients a new era of entertainment. Even though tasks are overwhelming, the highly-pressured work environment, balanced with encouragement and teamwork, pushes employees to do better every day.

4. Personal Growth

While it may seem like personal growth has nothing to do with career development, many employees are motivated by factors that are completely unrelated to work. With the increasingly blurred line between private and professional lives, it makes sense to encourage employees to pursue their personal goals.

Vuuzle Media Corp respects boundaries between the professional and private lives of employees. On working hours, Ronnie Flynn leads. However, once the time ticked in to an employee’s time out time, he becomes a father, and a friend.

Founder Ronnie Flynn always lends his ears and hands to all employees, regardless of status and cultural factors. Even outside working hours, Flynn encourages people to grow in their own pace and time.

Why Providing Growth Opportunities Is Worthwhile?

At Vuuzle Media Corp, employers encourage all of its employees to pursue their goals, whether professional or personal. They challenge employees to come up with new ideas for the company and even create new job responsibilities for themselves if they think of something else to do. They want employees to be passionate about what they do and excited about how they do it.

Knowing that they’re allowed to grow at work gives employees confidence that they can achieve beyond their job description — and it also gives employers confidence that employees are in this for the long haul.

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