I love fashion and humor-Ronnie Flynn about the magnetic image and the importance of a sense of style

I love hygiene, fashion, and humor. I make all my friends laugh and love my Life. – Ronnie Flynn. 

Style is indefinable, it is like a sense of humor or rhythm – either there is or there is not. Style is something elusive and mysterious. Ronnie Flynn, the founder of the successful international company Vuuzle Media Corp and executive producer of the innovative Vuuzle Film Production, believes that style begins with a deep understanding of oneself. Flynn dresses to emphasize his strengths: from a sense of humor to the character and other qualities.

The style is to trust your instincts, not abstract rules. Ronnie Flynn says that if you like a combination of usually incompatible colors – red, green and pink, black, white, brown, and purple – then combine them.

It is believed that a sense of style begins with intelligence. Of course, you cannot be stupid and stylish at the same time. You can copy someone else’s style, but it will not be organic, so it will not be a style.

We also need intelligence. Intellect is a thing that gives birth to thoughts, ideas, dreams, and actions. If there is no style in the personality, then any Prada or Louis Vuitton will look completely tasteless on it.

Ronnie Flynn dresses the way he feels!

Parents play an important role in this perspective: if the principle of an amorphous attitude to clothing is laid down from childhood, then it is likely that this basis will remain with a person for life. If the mother or father from childhood is creative, they would instill in the child the basic rules of aesthetics. Also, it is likely that these habits will remain with him in the future.

The history of any person’s style should begin with a basic acquaintance with the artistic foundations and concepts. From this, it follows the idea that a sense of style can be acquired as this knowledge develops the main goal.

Also, someone else does not have the courage to walk in a capsule wardrobe. Someone can’t risk wearing bright things outside the photo area. Moreover, one cannot afford certain clothes because of age, believing that society will not understand or approve.

However, it’s not all about Ronnie Flynn, because he dresses the way he feels. 

Ronnie Flynn is a connoisseur of Versace clothing

Interestingly, in the company of relatives and friends, he is called Ronnie Versace. He appreciates the fact that the main feature of the Versace style is the harmonious combination of elements of baroque, classicism with pop art, and glam rock. Gianni Versace’s daring clothes were on the verge of kitsch, but that made the brand truly famous.

The history of Versace as a business is also impressive. Interestingly, having initially started his own small business, Gianni Versace involved all members of his family in the business. Versace’s innovation and stylistic brightness quickly brought the brand to the top echelon of fashion brands. The brand paved the way to be in line along with Chanel, Dior and others. And the charisma of the creator and main ideologue of the brand Gianni Versace has always fueled interest in the brand in the media and celebrities.

According to Gianni Versace, “Medusa” symbolizes the beauty and fatal charms of ancient Greek classics, both in art and in philosophy. It is a synthesis of beauty and simplicity, which literally paralyzes and even hypnotizes, and that’s what Ronnie Flynn appreciates.

Don’t be into trends. Don’t make fashion own you, but you decide what you are, what you want to express by the way you dress and the way to live. – Gianni Versace. 

Author: Ivanna Samotei // Vuuzle Media Corp Chief Content Writer & Public Relations Specialist

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