iCrowdNewswire powered by Google launches new intuitive SaaS platform for press release distribution including industry leading vertical newswires.

Miami, Florida December 16th, 2021 – iCrowdNewswire powered by Google today launched a fully revamped SaaS platform including industry leading vertical newswires for Legal, Real Estate, Research Marketing, Content Marketing, and general press release distribution. Since its deal with Google in 2017 iCrowdNewswire has implemented more press release distribution tech innovations than any other newswire. iCrowdNewswire has pioneered paid advertising distribution that provides Geographic targeting down to a zip or postal code worldwide; Demographic targeting by gender, age group, interest, and industry; AI translations into 7 languages included for every release; and distribution on over 4 billion voice devices including Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Microsoft Cortana and Apple Siri.

In addition to industry leading technology innovations iCrowdNewswire provides distribution on websites not available from any other press release newswire including a legal vertical with: Law.com, New York Law Journal, Texas Lawyer, LegalTech News, The American Lawyer, New Jersey Law Journal and more. A real estate vertical with Zillow, Trulia, Redfin and Realtor.com. Distribution on Yahoo Finance, Marketwatch, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg is available on all products. In fact, iCrowdNewswire has launched industry first access to press release distribution on any of 11 million websites worldwide leveraging Google’s network.

In addition to new distribution technologies and digital publications iCrowdNewswire provides high level Artificial Intelligence driven advertising analytics with accurate views and clicks reporting and the ability to target campaigns to multiple geographic destinations seamlessly.

“Keeping up with technology innovations, new vertical newswires and new digital publishing opportunities created a huge challenge for our UI and UX and today we launch the result of a redevelopment investment over the last three years” commented Hector Botero, President of iCrowdNewswire. Mr. Botero added “we had the option to outsource this design and build but decided to build the team in-house and we could not be prouder of the teamwork that has gone into our new platform. Building this ourselves has proven to have been the right decision. The full platform was designed and built by Muhammad Qasim, iCrowdNewswire’s creative team lead and his team.

iCrowdNewswire is not a “traditional” newswire in that from the outset it was designed to develop and deploy new technologies and industry vertical partnerships that provide exclusive access to unique digital properties with unmatched analytical reporting. “In Q2 of this year iCrowdNewswire will deploy the full integration of marketing and advertising with press release distribution” said Nasir Saeed, General Manager. “Following our investment in influencer marketing platform Infleuncy.me in 2020 we are nearing the launch of true influencer distribution for press releases. With a database exceeding 500,000 influencers Influency.me will distribute releases to select lists of content creator influencers that can promote releases to their followers”.  Mr. Saeed added “this is not distribution to journalists or media but rather directly to social media influencers”.

Influencer Marketing Hub’s 2020 Benchmark Report highlights:

  • Influencer Marketing Industry is set to grow to approximately $9.7B in 2020.
  • More than 380 new influencer marketing- focused agencies and platforms established in 2019.
  • Average earned media value per $1 spent has increased to $5.78.
  • 300% more micro-influencers utilized by large firms than in 2016.
  • The majority (55%) admit to having a standalone budget for content marketing.
  • Nearly 4/5 of our respondents intend to dedicate a budget to influencer marketing in 2020.
  • 91% of our survey respondents believe influencer marketing to be an effective form of marketing.
  • 65% of our respondents measure the ROI from their influencer campaigns.
  • The most common measure of influencer marketing success is now conversions/sales.
  • 80% of firms take their influencer marketing spending from their marketing budget.
  • 87% of respondents use Instagram for influencer marketing.
  • Finding influencers is the greatest challenge for those who run campaigns in-house.

About iCrowdNewswire powered by Google

Launched in 2015 iCrowdNewswire powered by Google has implemented more press release distribution innovations than any other newswire in the industry from paid social and digital media advertising to audio marketing and 8 translations per release – no other wire provides geographic targeting down to a zip or postal codes worldwide; demographic targeting by age group, industry and interest; 8 translations with every release for unmatched multicultural and global reach; audio distribution with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Microsoft Cortana and Apple Sire; Google and Apples mews and more. For more on iCrowdNewswire https://icrowdnewswire.com/ to see the iCrowdNewswire team https://icrowdnewswire.com/team/