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The plant molecule sublingual spray that got 30 Covid-19 patients past COVID in 3 days activate super health for all kingdoms of life super health.

Plants immune, growth receptors are 300 nanometers wide on each cell surface. Dilute the nano molecule spray 25:1 with H2O for plants. 500 pages of external studies, show DNA deficits in people and other life forms are solved via super immunity longevity to, obsoleting denatured science for a post pandemics global well world. It’s an affiliate option, with 30,000 bottles in Vegas.

Low-cost manufactures, enhancing all 48 receptors in the nucleus of all cells. PubMed says lipid molecules made the first cell healthy 4 billion years ago. Of 50,000 combinations, a Ph.D. organic chemist found molecule 1, stabilized at 48 nanometers in width, as an FDA, recognized, organic safe food. 1 nanometer is 10 times an atom size.

Manna one, used with any medication, has a 3-year plus, room temperature shelf life, is patented in 85% of the world. At $2 a day,1 month supply, it’s made by the ton, shipped globally.

$45,000 will supply the US for 30 days; 1 billion, the world. Novax sold ten million synthetic lipid vaccines to New Zealand with one billion in warp speed funds to vaccinate 100 million by 2022.

Inhaled particles are cleared from the lungs by innate immune systems like macrophages – phagocytes. Nanoparticles super train immune cells targeting viral agents. Gold nanospheres – protective polymers – the University of Geneva upgrade immune systems, eliminating cancer cells, crossing the blood-brain barrier., in fourteen hundred publications, has Gold nanoshells – surface plasmon resonant with silica cores in gold shells. Nano trapping, block and macrophage virus recycling. makes nano look like Shaq with profound exponential immunity. Their immunity boost is unmatched. Nanoscience is the nano range of 1 nano, ten times an atom’s width and up.

3% made the American revolution. 10% of 3% of America using the Methuselah molecule may chain reactivate, global evolution, extinguishing the 6th extinction. Post pandemics Iowa can grow global health receptor sites virally. Adrien Cheng donated 53 million nano masks. One million could protect every Iowa resident.

N95 masks filter to 300 nanometers covid is 100. Bio-inanimate pollutants grow smaller, demanding remediation at that scale $2,000 to any charity if there’s a better mask. See,, and

Quanta9 polarized molecules, up to 600% are more nutritionally immunogenetic effective. As prime science journals snub cell sovereignty’s Galileo; $4 million will supply America for 30 days for unstoppable world wellness waves. $10 billion supply earth, saving $75 trillion in health care. Max Planck “1 photon is 1 quantum.” Exponential light molecules purify the earth’s safe climate by 2024 with best manna-masks. Nano can cure, cool Earth.

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