Is Vuuzle.TV the right platform to invest in?

With the current digital and globalized world, companies, particularly financial institutions, are caught under strong pressure between cost reduction and business optimization. As a result, businesses try to explore digital solutions in order to create new revenue streams and efficiently optimize existing legacy systems with the strong support of emerging technologies.

Some available digital solutions can be effortlessly received by businesses and existing systems. However, a few require a more profound understanding of the basic innovation itself and the suggestions related to them.

How do you choose a good company to invest in?


As we all know, business will always relate to technologies, and this world becomes fastly-dynamic through digital changes. A good business or company to invest in is a company that isn’t afraid to innovate to stay relevant in the field. Once a company or business becomes stagnant in its comfort zone, chances are its potential will decline through the years.

One good factor that is a major-yes in investing is when a company mainly provides services through technology. For example, a company that offers online advertisements, music streaming, video streaming, or any online activities would be a good choice. Reason? These platforms cater to digital solutions and services. If a company relates to technology, its progressiveness and stability can be predicted as a high potential one in terms of investment.

Always render good and extensive research for the company and its relationship with technological advancements. Also, its vision, ventures, and partnerships through the years should be considered.

Why you should choose Vuuzle?

Vuuzle Media Corp doesn’t let the game out of hand. That’s why amidst flourishing success, the company doubled the goal and encouraged each team member to strive more and create breakthroughs.

As mentioned earlier, being progressive company aces the qualifications in choosing a company to invest in. Vuuzle Media Corp, through its founder Ronnie Flynn, always renders an innovative approach to its vision. The company’s team members have always incorporated technological advancements in order to keep up in the ever-growing digital world. As a matter of fact, earlier this year, Vuuzle Media Corp received a brand blazer from Verizon Media because of its innovative approach to streaming services.

See full story here: &

So why should you choose Vuuzle Media Corp? Given its credentials and growth rate in the span of a short time, the company definitely is progressive and has a high potential in being a giant in its field and own market.

Looking at Verizon Media and Vuuzle.TV’s partnership

Warren Buffett, who is ranked 6th in the richest man in the world, brought a jaw-dropping $9B worth of stocks from Verizon Media. And the results? Verizon gained as much as 3.8% in stock value. This happened after Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway unveiled a multibillion-dollar stake in the telecom giant!

This May 2021, Verizon announced that it will sell its media group to private equity firm Apollo Global Management for $5 billion. Apollo’s private equity business had more than $80 billion in assets under management (AUM) as of December 31, 2020. You may view the link for your reference:

The answer is simple, Warren Buffet KNEW the market potential of stepping into OTT streaming services. What’s more interesting? Even before Warren has bought a huge part of Verizon’s stocks, there comes Vuuzle, one step ahead of the game. Vuuzle Media Corp and Verizon Media have created a partnership that pioneered the innovation of the OTT streaming services. Here’s the link:

Vuuzle Media Corp, through its platform Vuuzle.TV, has already integrated its service into the OTT space since last year. The innovative move led Vuuzle to its partnership with Verizon Media. Earlier this year, Vuuzle TV received a brand blazer award for innovations.

You may view the article and video featuring the award through the following links:

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