JilCat Proline Ultra Friction Reducer can save a failing engine or a transmission.

(July 07, 2021) – JilCat Proline Industrial offers a unique solution to failing engines and transmissions. Previously only available to selected commercial channels, JilCat Proline is now available to the public. It is now available as a usable product line for the public.

Not only do JilCat Proline products offer failure prevention, JilCat recommends using their JilCat Proline Ultra Friction Reducer kit first, before visiting a mechanic. This product is a liquid nano monomolecular polarizing metal conditioning product. With rigorous military and NASA-based testing, you can release and dissolve sludge quickly.

The patented product delivers a monomolecular structure that removes friction by coating all surfaces electrostatically attaching to all metal surfaces. This outcome results in lower temperatures and improved oil pressure, creating a better engine performance and reducing maintenance.

“Engine oil serves as a hydraulic medium,” said Gene Daughtry. “It’s responsible for everything from cylinder deactivation, chain tensioner adjustment to valve timing. Our patented technology can reverse clicking, rattling, knocking, and other symptoms that happen with sludge buildup quickly and effectively.”

It contains no solvents, chemicals, or solid metal particles while also being free of mercury and zinc.

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“JilCat products can save a consumer several thousand dollars in repair costs with its unique formulation,” said Mr. Daughtry who used Jilcat Proline products in the Used Car Industry “It removes sludge to create positive results for anyone with a failing engine. You can reduce friction, emissions, and component wear with this one investment.”

JilCat Proline Ultra Friction Reducer is proven to provide a superior performance for anyone needing an engine or transmission sealant additive to clean metals and remove friction. Its sludge-removal properties underwent third-party testing at an internationally recognized laboratory in San Antonio, TX.

You can meet up with JilCat Proline’s Gene Daughtry at the TIADA Conference & Expo July 25-27 in Austin Texas.

“What makes our engine lubricant and sealant CVT Supplements such a fantastic product is how the hydrocarbon molecule conditions the metal,” said Daughtry. “It adheres to the surface through polarization to ensure that any imperfections get filled so that less friction occurs. Once it’s in the engine, it can stay there for up to 15,000 miles.”

It is not just sludge that the JilCat Proline Ultra Friction Reducer targets when applied to engine or transmission environments. It can also clear the metal deposits that build up in these areas, negating problems with corrosion and carbon that can affect your timing. It does not take long to reverse the symptoms so that the motor starts performing as it once did.


JilCat Proline Industrial is a product of one of the world’s premier firms producing lubrication and engine conditioning products. As makers of the only patented monomolecular polarizing metal conditioner, consumers now have an opportunity to save their engines with something unlike anything they have used before.

The JilCat Proline Ultra Friction Reducer has been used in everything from tank engines, to jet turbines, high speed automatic weapons and professional racing in the past. NASA even trusted it with Space Shuttle applications.

Now that it is available to all consumers, every engine or transmission can benefit from this 100% original product.

More information is available at www.jilcat.com. Interested parties can also call 1 (855) 825-2111 or email [email protected].

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