Joseph Girouard Boston Believes in the Benefits of CBD Oil for Anxiety Management

Joseph Girouard Boston follows CBD studies very closely, primarily when related to conditions like depression and anxiety. Many millions of people suffer from these health conditions every year and need high-quality recovery methods to stay happy and stable. And CBD does hold much hope as a therapy option, especially for those who want to minimize or eliminate their antidepressant intake.

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Anxiety is a unique emotional and physical condition that can cause many long-term troubles that may be hard for some people to manage. The many causes of anxiety are diverse, including low serotonin levels in various cannabinoid receptors in the brain. Joseph Girouard Boston believes that CBD oil could be a powerful alternative therapy option for many individuals for cases like these.

Why does he believe this fact? Well, studies have backed up his belief and reinforced it in many ways. And the science does seem to be there. Researchers believe that CBD interacts with CB1 and CB2 receptors in mind. These receptors are believed to help process serotonin in the mind and convert it to pleasurable feelings throughout the body. And CBD seems to help with this process.

How? CBD interacting with these receptors may help alter the signals produced by serotonin in the mind, making them more potent and effective. Joseph Girouard Boston believes that this reaction helps to increase pleasure in the body and produces the calming sensation commonly reported with CBD oil. In addition, it literally physically alters the ways that the body handles emotions – a fascinating possibility.

For many people, this could make CBD a powerful alternative to more traditional therapy methods. Options like a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI) may be prescribed but have side effects that can be unpredictable. For example, those on substances like Zoloft and Prozac may find themselves experiencing wild mood swings and even suicidal thoughts that worsen their anxiety conditions.

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By contrast, CBD produces little to no side effects when used at a proper level. So does this mean that CBD is a better option for generalized anxiety and other severe emotional troubles? Several research studies have found that 400 milligrams or so of CBD help reduce general anxiety levels and may also help with nightmares, some social anxiety problems, and even PTSD.

That said, Joseph Girouard Boston doesn’t think it is wise to consider CBD a total replacement for traditional medicines just yet. Some people may not respond as powerfully to this treatment or need more focused and intensive medical help. However, he firmly believes that CBD could be an advantageous option for those who don’t like SSRI care or may be allergic or react poorly to them. That said, he also argues caution and patience for those interested in this therapy method.