kama.ai Celebrates National Indigenous Peoples’ Day in an Interview with CEO Brian Ritchie

kama.ai Celebrates National Indigenous Peoples’ Day in an

Interview with CEO Brian Ritchie

TORONTO, ON, June 21st, 2021 – To celebrate National Indigenous Peoples’ Day in Canada, kama.ai’s Communications Coordinator Madeleine Kwan interviewed Brian Ritchie, the company’s Indigenous founder and CEO.

“It is extremely important that Indigenous people are able to participate in developing areas like Artificial Intelligence, green technologies and more traditional businesses like sustainable forestry and other resource industries that affect our traditional lands. To be able to guide our own destiny, we must be informed about the businesses and industries that affect us, and the best way to be informed is to actually participate in the industries we care about,” said kama.ai CEO Brian Ritchie.

On this very special day in Canada, kama.ai released an interview to promote how traditional values, as old as civilization, shape the company and its technology.

“After colonialism, we lost our purpose and our way. We need to find our way in the new world,” said Brian Ritchie during the interview, “We can’t go back, so we have to go forward and be self-sufficient in ways that still reflect our teachings and our values. For our company, that means participating in shaping AI.”

To view the complete interview visit, “Indigenous History Month: Interview with CEO, Brian Ritchie”

About kama.ai

kama.ai’s Designed Emotional Intelligence® platform, kama DEI, is a natural language conversational intelligence that lets brands and organizations educate and support their clients with a personalized conversational service guided by consumer values like “culture”, “style”, “health” or “companionship”. End-user clients can access the platform through any medium, including chatbots, FB Messenger, Alexa or mobile phone apps. The result is anytime access to automated, personalized product and service information, while live CSRs focus on higher value-added conversations.

With the launch of Kama-as-a-Service (KaaS) in the summer of 2020, the company’s value-based contextual understanding and conversational intelligence can now be added to virtually any chatbot, AI solution or Packaged Business Capability.

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