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Choosing the right gardening tools to maintain your yard clean and tidy can be a bit overwhelming. Since gardening tools are readily available in the market and have a wide range of choices, deciding what to purchase seems like a treasure hunt.

We listed these gardening tools that everyone is talking about and you would not expect what we found out! These tools are often overlooked in maintaining your yard clean and tidy.


Learn how to choose gardening gloves | HGTV

There are a lot of different types of gloves to choose from according to your purpose. Garden gloves must be used in order to protect your hands from acquiring various injuries. Gloves made of leather or cotton are great choices to avoid getting blisters while sawing, shoveling, uprooting, and pruning. On the other side, wide-cuffed gloves with plastic can protect your wrists and forearms especially when you’re dealing with thorny plants such as roses, cactus, etc. Lastly, gloves made of latex or rubber are the ideal choices when you aim to keep your hands dry.

Gardening tools expert tip:

Choose garden gloves that have paddings and knuckles to protect your palms. These gloves cost a bit more expensive than the common ones but can render a better job in protecting you from getting injured.

2.Kneepads or Kneelers

Best Gardening Knee Pads and Kneelers - Grow My Own Health Food

One of the most exciting things to happen in gardening is playing in the dirt, especially when you have your pets or children around. However, getting up from it gracefully can cause discomfort, specifically with people who have knee and back problems. Kneelers and kneepads are great tools to provide cushions and avoid contact with the hard grounds. A lot of knee pad choices can be strapped over your pants or trousers, which will keep them clean when kneeling.

Gardening tools expert tip:

Metal frames with tall sidebars found on kneelers will help you stand up. A lot of kneelers are portable, making them a perfect tool as they are easy to transport anywhere in your garden or yard.

3.Watering Wand


If you keep on getting wet while watering your garden, a watering wand is one of the best gardening tools to choose from. A watering wand basically acts as a long-distance watering can. A lot of wands feature coverings made of foam and rubber around the handle. This helps insulate your hands from extreme water temperature and makes the wand easier to grip.

Gardening tools expert tip:

Some watering wands have a squeezable automatic water shut-off mechanism. A lot of gardening tools experts find these easier to use than the traditional types of shutoffs.

There are a lot of common gardening tools that help keep your yard and garden clean. These tools such as garden spades, shovels, rakes, water hoses, etc are available anywhere. However, because of the wide range of choices, it is common to overlook some protection you need while working. So, the next time you find yourself stuck in a supermarket or hardware, don’t forget to grab some gloves, kneepads or kneelers, and watering wands!

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