MEDIA PARADISE on Earth! We invite you to a virtual tour of the innovative Vuuzle Studios

You have never seen such a thing! Imagine, in one of the most incredible and modern cities in the world Dubai (UAE) is a mega-innovative production with an original design and is called –  Vuuzle Studios . And created such an impressive studio, the founder of Vuuzle Media Corp  Ronnie Flynn .

In particular, on January 14, 2021, the grand opening of Vuuzle Studios took place, which was talked about and written about by the popular media. But that’s not all… already now the innovative production offers exciting tours that allow not only to see the modern studio, but also to plunge into the universe of Marvel and its characters: to take pictures with Hulk, Terminator, Captain America or Mr. Bean?

Vuuzle Studios has everything you need to create a top media product. The studio is equipped with the latest technology and uses advanced media technologies in the world, such as Digital Effects, Green Screens Backlot and others, to produce live TV programs.


Every corner of Vuuzle Studios is thought out to the last detail and looks like a separate interior with its own style and color accents. As soon as they enter the  reception, the guests of Vuuzle Studios are pleasantly impressed by the atmosphere: the cozy design, the naturalness of the Hulk, and the paintings of talented artists.

Ready to take a virtual tour of the interior of Vuuzle Studios? Then turn on this video…

Welcome to the Newsroom! In this room, journalists, editors, news producers are always aware of the latest events in the world. They collect, process information and broadcast the Vuuz News. There are isolated rooms for video editing and audio recording, a studio for newscasts.

Next we go to the dressing room … In this special room, where beauty is created – incredibly cozy, bright and comfortable. This atmosphere in the dressing room due to the presence of a large tabletop, warm and cold lighting, bar stools, sockets mounted directly on the tabletop.

And here is the control room.. This room serves as a central space where you can control everything that happens at Vuuzle Studios. At Vuuzle Studios, it is possible to shoot at several locations simultaneously. The studio includes various zones, locations, a recording studio, a Digital Effects department, Green Screens and a Backlot.

And for rest and relaxation at Vuuzle Studios you can find a comfortable kitchen, a beautiful aquarium, sauna, and jacuzzi!

And finally – we get to the studio …

The interior fully corresponds to the concept of a show. The latest digital technologies are used here and specific television features are taken into account. For example, the materials used for the visual design of the TV studio do not reflect the image and do not give glare.

Green Screen can be used to apply special effects and scenery when shooting and editing videos. High-quality green background allows you to use the technology of chromakey. At Vuuzle Studios, you can easily edit videos by replacing the green background with a static or dynamic image. The backlot is the area where the scenery for outdoor scenes in movies or television productions is located. Vuuzle Studios has a wide range of scenery that can be modified for different purposes. In particular, you can recreate any time, season, and even country. Vuuzle Studios has the ability to use visual effects (VFX)Is the process by which an image is created outside the context of a live-action shot in film production. VFX provides real-time frame integration and the creation of images that look extremely realistic. And it is worth noting that this process of making content is not as time-consuming and expensive as, for example when shooting on film.

The color scheme of each location is directly related to the nature of the show. For example, for entertainment and sports shows, the viewer’s attention is periodically distracted by various specifics and directed to plasma panels or 3D TVs, which are built into light walls.

Author: Ivanna Samotei // Vuuzle Media Corp Chief Content Writer & Public Relations Specialist

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