MedInfuze IvyLife infusion pump chosen to be tested on the International Space Station as part of the Rakia space mission.

May 6th (Tel-Aviv): The MedInfuze IvyLife™ infusion pump was announced to be part of the Rakia space technological mission in collaboration with the Israel Aerospace Medicine Institute (IAMI). 

The IvyLife™ infusion pump, developed by Dr. Ami Glicksman, a plastic surgeon and innovator, is a miniature, portable, battery-operated with IoT capabilities infusion pump that aims to replace the traditional infusion pump in the hospital, home care setting, military, and field environment. The new pump is gravity independent and therefore suitable to be used in space or under the water. Thanks to its small size and low weight the device it is optimal for any field and military use bringing the advanced IV pump solution out of the hospital into any medic backpack. This is the first solution introduced for such needs.

Dr. Ami Glicksman, MedInfuze founder and CEO, explains the five factors for success. “The IvyLife™ infusion pump allows patient’s free mobility, remote cloud E-Health control and monitoring, internet of things connectivity with superb patient safety and superior therapy QA. The innovative IvyLife™ 150g device pump looks like a smartphone, controlled by a smartphone, and is smartly connected to the patient medical records. It enables the caretaker to control and supervise the medical treatment. Being gravity independent, the pump and fluid bag can be placed in a pocket while the patient pursues daily life activities.” 

Dr. Eran Schenker, the Chief Medical Innovation Officer at IAMI, states: “MedInfuze IvyLife™ infusion pump special design by Dr. Glicksman makes it suitable for microgravity environment space mission on board the International Space Station, moon base and long space mission to Mars as well in a Mars base”.

MedInfuze Ltd. is a startup venture in Israel. After the acceptance to be tested in the International Space Station by Mr. Eitan Stibbe, the second Israeli in space, the company is shifting gear and advancing its R&D activities. The company is currently raising funds to support these activities.