My Kratom Club Debuts New Video “The Best Kratom of 2021”-Highlighting the best, safest all-natural supplements throughout the country

SACRAMENTO, Calif.—March 17, 2021—My Kratom Club, one of the nation’s best in providing safe, all-natural supplements, today announced the debut of a new video, “The Best Kratom of 2021.” It is the first in a series of videos that informs people about Kratom. It is the latest in the company’s commitment to communicate with its clientele and provide the highest quality products. To this end, MKC does not work with new companies or companies that do not have ingredients listed directly on the package, nor do they sell homemade products.

“The supplements available at My Kratom Club are some of the most popular, trusted, and well-known brands,” said Josh Samek, owner of My Kratom Club. “The video is part of our general efforts to impart knowledge to our customers. Knowledge and safety about kratom products are very important to us. That is why we are introducing this video series. We want the community to have more awareness of kratom.”

The club does not manufacture its own Kratom, nor does it recommend purchasing a non-brand name Kratom. Many manufacturers do not have the ingredients labeled on the bottle. The MKC’s mission is to provide a safe place to purchase and learn about the benefits of Kratom. Products are always shipped in discrete packaging. Samek discussed the reason My Kratom Club only sells high-quality, name-brand products. The company also announced recently that it is now shipping across the country to all states where Kratom is approved.

Samek also stressed the importance of avoiding any brand that is not clear about the ingredients in their products, stating that if Kratom does not undergo proper handling, curing, or storage, it can easily become infected with pathogens such as coliforms, salmonella, mold, or yeast. He noted, “Name brands are sticklers when it comes to purity. If they say they are selling a red vein variety, then they are selling the product because their name is on the line. Respectable brands take the quality of their herb seriously. Generic or discount brands often skimp when it comes to purchasing Kratom. The herb they sell might not be pure but instead a mixture of several poor-quality strains.” “You then can never feel assured of the results when you ingest the substance.”

Kratom, a derivative of an Asian evergreen tree, contains the chemical Mitragynine and compound 7-Hydroxymitragynine. The American Kratom Association estimates that as many as 15 million people in the United States use Kratom. The substance has been touted as an alternative approach to pain management. Kratom can be used for chronic pain, digestive ailments, and opium dependency. It can increase mood, sociability, and alertness.

My Kratom Club offers 15 safe quality-controlled brands and customized flavors, which include:

  • Krave Kratom
  • Bumble Bee Kratom
  • Earth Kratom
  • OPMS Botanicals
  • Remarkable Herbs Products
  • Exotic Blue Magic Kratom
  • Club 13 Botanicals
  • Klarity Kratom
  • K Shot Extracts
  • Naturally Kratom
  • Phoenix Herbals
  • RXperience Kratom
  • Whole Herbs
  • Halo Kratom
  • Queen Bee Kratom

My Kratom Club has deeply discounted monthly packages for a limited time as well as a loyalty program.
“It’s no longer necessary to receive both powder and capsules in monthly packages,” Samek said. “You get to choose what products you want in your package and can make changes on demand every single month to your order. That includes a choice of all capsule packages, or all powder packages, or a combination of powder and capsules.

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