Nail Technician Educator holds West Coast Demerara Workshop

Lexann McPhoy, a Certified NSI Nail Tech Educator, and proprietor of the popular Lexann’s Nail Creations, held a PolyDip, and Rubber Base workshop at the S & H Salon and Barber Shop, in Meten-Meer-Zorg, West Coast Demerara.

The workshop participants learnt about Health & Safety, Nail preparation, Application, Removal, and Troubleshooting the Rubber Base product.  The NSI Rubber Base is a hybrid gel that can be used for easy building of the nail.  Removal of Rubber Base is faster than traditional gel enhancement. Because Rubber Base is great for natural nails, it’s the perfect product to offer male clients, and grow a business.

This unique training on NSI Nail products, was designed to help women accelerate their careers, by learning techniques that can set them apart, and provide good earning potential.

This regional training is part of a series of community based, women empowerment learning drives, that NSI Nails Guyana is rolling out throughout the South American nation.

“Women are the backbone of families, and a key contributor to family finances, and so it is important for me to support and empower women in any way that I can,” says Lexann McPhoy.

NSI Nails Guyana is finalizing dates for workshops at an Essequibo Coast location in July 2021.

Nail Technicians who would like to improve their skills or business can get more information on personalized training, coaching, or mentoring by WhatsApp messaging +592-622-2822 or visiting the website of NSI Nails Guyana.

About NSI Nails Guyana

NSI Nails Guyana, distributes nail products that are manufactured in a best-practices environment so that your customers have the best experience with quality nails. NSI products are professional-only high-quality premium USA-made products for discriminating clients. Clients love NSI products because it is low maintenance and always results in a natural look and feel.