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Watch online and free on the popular OTT platform Vuuzle.TV. The best movies in the thriller genre, which charge with adrenaline, immerse in the atmosphere of suspense and tension and instantly attract the attention of viewers. Also, psychological thrillers will make you think about the mysteries of the stories, the hostages of which are the characters, while at every step they face a new danger.

The main task of the thriller genre is to provide the maximum nervous tension associated with the existing mystery, which will not let the viewer go until the end of the work. A thriller with the same success can be a fantasy work, and a spy novel, as well as a sentimental film.

In the thriller, as a rule, the story is told on behalf of the victim or the perpetrator, the plot technique of prolonging a dramatic pause is widely used, which should cause the viewer intense anticipation and nervous anxiety (“suspense”), as well as expressive powerful tools – naturalistic details, sudden big plans. , noise effects, darkened frame that hides the threat, appropriate musical accompaniment.

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“A woman explores the dark side of online dating when she meets a mysterious man who engages her in a series of increasingly dangerous tests of her ability”, – a brief description of the film reads.


“Bill Cacchiotti a small town business owner recalls his eventful life on his day of retirement. Bill looks back on how he started his lighting and electrical store that eventually led to illegal activities with racketeering and murder”, – the film authors told. 


“A tropical vacation goes sordid when Corrine learns her husband is a crook who’s plundered his parents. The trip turns into an eco-Adventure into hell when three gringo scammers hold her as collateral against stolen millions”, – told the directors.


“In the vein of Twilight Zone and Tales from the Crypt, a creepy host, the “bum,” breaks the fourth wall to introduce four spellbinding vignettes of suspense and horror to transport the viewer into Fever Dreams”, – said in the description of the film.


“Young musician Adam had the perfect life until one day everything changed. His father, Detective Joseph Gable, continues on a relentless path to save Adam’s soul as angels and demons are disguised as humans. This ancient spiritual war between good and evil will test their faith as a dark stranger descends on modern-day Toronto”, – the authors briefly tell . 


“A young woman fights to protect her son from her abusive new husband and a ferocious creature lurking in the shadows”, – it is said in the movie trailer. 

Author: Ivanna Samotei // Vuuzle Media Corp Chief Content Writer & Public Relations Specialist

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