New Easy to Install Misters Extend Time Outside This Summer with Four Inventive Options that Can Reduce the Temperature by 20 Degrees

Beat-the-Heat Misting Products that Operate with a Standard Hose, No Electricity, Minimal Assembly

(Mooresville, NC) Project Source Misting is reinventing the way people stay cool outside, with a new line of refreshing portable misting products. As seen on Fox & Friends – There are four options to choose from: the Quick Attach Mini Mister which can clip to a chair for personal cooling, the Portable Misting System which is great for larger spaces such as under an umbrella or along a railing, a Fan Conversion Kit that can turn any portable fan into a misting machine, and the FlexiMist, a freestanding maneuverable nozzle with 360 degree spray—great for pets and kids that enjoy being outside.

All are priced under $25 and are purpose-built to bring cooling power to patios, pools and yards everywhere. Project Source Misting’s outdoor misting systems are specifically designed to operate via garden hose, require zero electricity and cool users’ surrounding air by up to 20 degrees—perfect for hot, humid, sticky days.

Research shows that people are looking for more fun ways to extend living outside in 2021, and Project Source Misting is here to help. “We designed four misters with everyone in mind, from people lounging & relaxing in the yard, to having guests over with an umbrella mister overhead, to a flexible freestanding tube that kids and pets can play in and enjoy, to utilizing a fan for a truly cool breeze. We have something for everyone,” said Brian Stearns, co-inventor of Project Source Misting. “We are honored to have this high-quality, approachable, affordable line of misters sold exclusively at Lowe’s.”

Project Source Misting, available exclusively at Lowe’s features are:

  • Quick Attach Mini Mister: Personal misting system, complete with clip and/or strap that effortlessly secures your Mini Mister to nearby tables, chairs, railings and more.
  • Portable Misting System: 20 feet of tubing which easily attaches to umbrellas and deck railings alike. This includes 4 misting nozzles for easy substitution, set-up and summer heat relief.
  • FlexiMist: Flexible tubing for freestanding rejuvenation. This cooling system includes 8 misting nozzles and 360-degree misting functionality.
  • Fan Conversion Kit: Convert any outdoor fan into a cool misting fan with this quick-attach conversion kit, complete with 3 distinct nozzles.

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