New Recruiting Service Allows More Companies to Find Technical Talent for Less

Decide Consulting launched a new recruiting service with one thing in mind: The traditional recruiting model needs an overhaul. The demand for technical talent has never been higher. Traditional recruiting fees, based on a percentage of salary, just do not work for many startups or growing companies.

Decide Consulting’s new recruiting and candidate sourcing services provide companies multiple ways to bring in tech talent. It ranges from a stream of interested candidates every month ready to interview, to a curated list of prospects open to new opportunities. There is a different level of service and price point for all tech companies. That price point is significantly lower than traditional recruiting fees.

When tech companies need additional talent, they can post job ads, turn it over to internal recruiters or use outside recruiters. Each of these strategies is becoming less fruitful and more expensive. We are currently in a period with 500,000 open IT and software jobs. The number of IT and software jobs will double in 10 years.

“The traditional recruiting model has multiple staffing agencies all looking for candidates. The winner claims a recruiting fee of 20-30% of the person’s salary” said David Moise, president of Decide Consulting. “This does not make sense for many companies. What if you are a startup and need 10-12 developers in the next 6 months? Do you want to hire 12 developers or 10 with recruiting fees?”

“Placing job ads is just hoping. Hope is never a good business strategy. The good technical people never see job ads. They don’t need to because they are constantly getting calls from recruiters. Hiring internal recruiters can help, but that’s just shifting the cost internally from the external recruiters.”

“Decide is taking advantage of our proprietary database of over 700,000 IT and software professionals. We built our own algorithms that take a job description and rank the best candidates for it. We have proprietary search criteria none of the job boards have, like ‘who is a job hopper?’ Right from the start, we have a curated list of potential job candidates.”

“Some companies just want that list of curated candidates. They are willing to do the work and reach out to them. Others want us to reach out for them. For companies experiencing rapid growth, our monthly recruiting-as-a-service model provides a steady flow of qualified candidates for several months. You can pay $250K in recruiting fees to build a tech team or pay $1,500 a month. It is a simple decision.”

Decide Consulting new recruiting and candidate sourcing services are ideal for software companies, VC firms, tech startups, digital transformation consultancies, or any other technology company looking to expand its talent pool. Their database of 700,000 candidates spans the United States.

Decide Consulting is an IT and Software staffing and consulting firm specializing in recruiting software developers, cybersecurity, CIOs/CTOs, and other highly skilled technical professionals.